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Date of Birth: 02/12/1944

Age: 72

Citizenship: Russia


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Lyudmila Lyudmila Gnilova was born February 12, 1944. In 1964 she graduated from the school at the Central Children`s Theater (now - Ramtha) and was admitted to his troupe.

Also in 1964, the debut of a young actress in the movie. In the film, Maria Fedorova "Distant Countries", staged for the second book Arkady Gaidar, she played the role Lenka. This was followed by work in the picture of the outstanding master Ivan Pyreva "Light of a Distant Star" (student of Chemical Technology Olya Institute), in the comedy of Benjamin Dorman "Easy Life" (worker cleaning Gulina), the movie Aida Manasarovoy "Twenty Years Later" (Tosya) in Eldar Ryazanov`s film "Give plaintive book" (student).

Big Love

In 1974 he came to work in the CDT talented young actor Alexander Soloviev (later made famous by the movie "The Green Van"). He lured from Theater. Mayakovsky, where Solovyov had to play only in the crowd. Here, in the CDT, Alexander immediately offered the lead role of the mischievous, amorous high schooler. His partner on the play began Lyudmila Lyudmila Gnilova.

To play the lovers must be at least a little in love with a partner. Alexander also did not do anything halfway. He fell in love for real. Lyudmila was seven years older than Alexander. By the time she was married and brought up in a happy marriage six year old son. Alexander also was married, but stop it already could not do anything.

Within three years, Alexander sought Lyudmila, who could not understand why she had to destroy his own family. Meanwhile, Alexander filled up her flowers and expensive French perfume. After retiring from his wife, he was to spend the night in the stairwell on the windowsill Lyudmila between floors. In the end, Lyudmila surrendered in 1977 they got married and then got married. Later, the couple had a son Michael.

Lived Alexander and Lyudmila in the cramped apartment, but no inconveniences have not marred their marital happiness. Flowers in their house had not been translated - they constantly gave his beloved Alexander ...

The trouble came from the other side. Over time, Alexander Soloviev addicted to alcohol. Increasingly, he uhodilv binge. In a drunken state, he could do anything, but Lyudmila husband forgave all his antics. As a loving wife, she has tried every means to rescue Alexander from addiction. But all in vain.

In 1991, Alexander Soloviev once again came to the clinic for alcoholics. There he met with the actress Irina Pechernikova, which also was treated for alcoholism. They have an affair. This Lyudmila could not endure, and broke up with her husband.

Alexander Solovyov addiction to alcohol led to the fact that on 1 January 2000, he died ...

again on screen

In the Central Children`s Theatre Lyudmila Lyudmila Gnilova he worked until 2002. By the same movie all the time she almost shot. In addition to theater actress in the 90s he has been actively working on the dubbing of foreign films. Her voice said characters of famous TV series "Santa Barbara" and "Sunset Beach", "Runaway Bride" and "Alf" movies, cartoons "Gummi Bears," "DuckTales," "Miracles on bends" and others.

Reappears on Lyudmila Lyudmila Gnilova start screen in the new century. First there were the occasional role in the television series, and then she played the director of the orphanage, Lyudmila Petrovna in the acclaimed film by Andrei Panin, "Grandson of the astronaut." In 2009, screens out the series "Love - not what it seems", where the actress got the role of Maria Romanovna, grandmother Alice protagonist. Lyudmila Lyudmila Gnilova created the image of fighting pensioner, which monitors the house: cooks, cleans, irons, sews, knits, alter and continuously pours proverbs and sayings. Excellent work, showing the timeless talent gorgeous actress.


1964 Distant Countries

1964 Light of a Distant Star

1964 Easy life

Twenty years later, in 1965

1965 Give the book of complaints

1968 Source

1972 Page life - teleplay

1974 Housewarming

1991 Dream with continuation - teleplay

1991 Taganka go tanks

1992 Encore, Encore

2002 Eureka - series

2004 On the corner, at the Patriarchal-4 - show

2006 We at you

2007 Grandson astronaut

2008 Autumn Detective

2008 Paradise apples

2009 Love - not what it seems - series

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