Ludmila Banket

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Citizenship: Russia


Ludmila Feast from a large family, her father worked in the trading system Podporozhie. Her mother is a homemaker. The outbreak of war Ludmila remembers very well. She and several of her classmates gathered together and then decided to fight the invaders. Students went to meet the Finns, but the parents have time to find the children and stop this courageous escapade.

Podporozhsky District shortly after the outbreak of war was surrounded and residents began to evacuate. This led the evacuation father Lyudmila Alexandrovna. Unfortunately, war is war, and take out all the local population could not - the last barge with the passengers bombed Finnish aviation. The remaining residents were forced to seek other means of escape. Father Lyudmila Alexandrovna collected people and a small lorry decided to get out of the Finnish environment. In addition to his own family in the car were another 13 families. On the road, the car ran out of petrol, and the people were left in the woods. In the forest, the Soviet troops were, but they took no action, and people decided to break Vazhiny themselves on foot. Unfortunately, they were captured by the Finnish rider.

The prisoners were taken in cattle cars to Petrozavodsk, on the way people do not even fed. In Petrozavodsk, the prisoners were placed in abandoned houses, badly fed, the children crawled through the wire fence and the October prospectus collected frozen (it was already the month of October) vegetables and these were fed. In one of such attacks Lyudmila severed foot barbed wire. Her parents worked on the restoration of rubble. The Red Cross supplied the prisoners with food, it makes their situation is only slightly better.

The Finns were treated to Russian in general is quite good, sometimes even fed, but there were those who scoffed at prisoners, and, among these cruel people could be Russian - Finnish accomplices occupiers.

Overcoming the difficulties of life in the camp, the prisoners waited for liberation by Soviet troops. Joy frees people there was no limit on the festive meeting liberators came all Petrozavodsk. However, before you leave the busy city, the Finns mined many of the houses, and the joy of returning to the people was marred. Not immediately after the occupation Petrazavodsk was able to return to civilian life. Gradually, day by day, he again became a concentration camp for the people do not, and the usual city, people will once again get used to civilian life.