Lucien Bouchard

Picture of Lucien Bouchard

Citizenship: Canada


In announcing the resignation, Prime Minister of the Canadian province of Quebec, the separatist leader of "Quebec-block" in tears. 62-year-old Lucien Bouchard lamented the fact that he failed to realize his dream - to achieve Quebec sovereignty. His unexpected move, he explained the desire to spend more time at home and devote more attention to his sons, one of whom is 11, and the other - 13 years.

For some time - until the party congress - Bouchard will remain the leader of "the Quebec bloc", which he founded in May 1990. From January 96 th headed pravitelstvoKvebeka, succeeding Prime Minister Jacques Parisot. He resigned after the defeat of the separatists during the referendum for Quebec independence in October 95th.

Bouchard remains the most popular politician of the French-speaking province, which was confirmed by the results of last year`s parliamentary elections in Canada. Then the "Quebec-block" has retained its position as the third representative in the Parliament of the political forces. And this, despite the fact that the representatives of "the Quebec bloc" stand as candidates only in one of the Canadian provinces.