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Date of Birth: 01/14/1941

Age: 75

Place of Birth: Borisov

Citizenship: Belarus


Heavy childhood

Love was born before the war in Borisov. Her maiden name Urozhenko (parents Belarusians).

Luba childhood was tragic. His father died in the Great Patriotic War at the front. Mom partisans during the war. And Lyuba, together with the three-year and six-year old sister of his brother lived in a dugout. Then, the mother with the children was in a concentration camp, which was established by the Germans in the forests of Belarus. Later, she somehow managed to attach the children in different families.

After the liberation of the concentration camp`s mother sought her children. Lyubov recalls: "When she was pulling away from me, a woman, with whom I lived, I shouted:" I will not go to you, you`re not my mom, this is my mother! "I was then already 5-6 years ... And I remember, like the woman held me and tried to persuade my mother: "what you take, we have fried potatoes, Luba loves fried potatoes ...".

After the war, they were very poor, often hungry. Lyubov Virolainen says: "I went to school hungry, and sometimes nothing at all had not eaten for three days, but when I was there were treated, I said:" No, no, I still have a house, ".a teacher noticed something and sometimes quietly! suggested: "Take a sandwich, what you see, what it delicious!" ... And there was another, quite remarkable history teacher, he said: "you know, do not come to school tomorrow! Otospitsya. "Maybe, I thought that I enough sleep, maybe guessed that starve, and are invited to relax ...".

The dream of becoming an actress

When Luba studied in 10th grade (if they already lived in Leningrad), she first starred in the film - in a small role in the film "On the Verge". After receiving his first money, Luba bought white bread. She recalls: "Together with his brother, sister, we ate it on the street for all to see how well we live - eat white bread and was born a beautiful dream in these squalid conditions - to be an actress.".

However, an attempt to enter VGIK failed. As the actress said: "I wore a dress The old school from which I grew up This is so me depressed, I was wrong." Squeezed ", and that left nothing to upset could not read the program.".


Some time later, Love Urozhenko enrolled in school at the Leningrad Bolshoi Drama Theater. Gorky, which she graduated in 1965. In the same year she became an actress BDT. While George Tovstonogov trusted her very interesting role, even comedy plan, which then either in the cinema or theater actress did not offer.

In 1969, Love left the theater, becoming an actress Lenkontserta, and since 1972 - actor studio "Lenfilm". The fact that left the BDT, it spared so far, arguing that the film made her a "heroine of one role - the role of our contemporaries, women are very good, able to love and be loved."


The first major film role - in the melodrama "The Road Home", which was released in 1969. Three years later, the actress was invited by Sergei Gerasimov in the role of Masha in kinoromane "love of man." This film brought her nationwide fame. On numerous creative meetings of its fans showered with flowers.

The fragile blonde with brown eyes ... More than fifty films that starred a talented actress, and very often it is embodied in the movie feminine ideal. The most notable movies: Romance "The first day, the last day" (1978), the drama "Cold Light of Day" (1983), heroic-adventure film "Do dangerous line" (1983).


In the early 70s Lyubov married Yuri Virolainen. Together they lived not long - Yuri died .. During heart surgery her husband, Lyubov met a heart surgeon Alexander Borisovich Zorin. He became the second husband of actress. Together, they have been living for more than twenty years, they have a son, a granddaughter.

The last decade

In the early `90s Love Virolainen was unemployed. He began the collapse of the Soviet cinema - and "Lenfilm" actress made it clear that her services were no longer needed. Lyubov went to cosmetology company, led the course "Health and beauty in your hands." Then she worked at her husband - filmed on videotape heart surgery. By three o`clock she had to stand still with the camcorder. Unable to stand, and she left the job.

In 2002, after a ten-year hiatus, Love Virolainen again starred in the film - in the series "Time to love".

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