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Date of Birth: 03/15/1990

Age: 26

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

The admiration at first sight

Author: Andrew Puminov

Website: Celebrities

Love Novikova impressed the audience with their roles, combining youthful charm, innocence, exaggerated which passes almost in ignorance, and calling her sexy heroines. This young actress grew up in a family with a fairly strict views, married early, almost does not use decorative cosmetics and shooting his first erotic scene crying right in front of the camera.

Ljuba Novikova was born March 15, 1990 in Moscow. Her father was an employee of the security services and was anxious that her daughter continued the family dynasty. Luba`s mother, who has worked at the pharmacy for life, inclined to the more feminine profession, and seeing artistic ability daughter insisted on the specialty fashion designer landscaping. Lyuba still insisted on his first attempt and was enrolled in a workshop A. Scheinin acting department RATI (GITIS).

Memories of his student years Novikov Love is not divided, but immediately after graduation in 2010, she made her debut on the screen. In rating the show `Our sosedi` Lyuba played a small role of Maya, marries a Igor Sokolov. Excellent external data young actress attracted the attention of directors, and its following screen heroine has become more visible.

In the TV show `Locked shkola` (2011) Novikov played Christine Panfilov, girlfriend Xenia. Novikov was beaten by many talented young actors hone their professional skills at the roles of charming characters of the second plan, in particular, in the series` The Four goda`, Zerkalo` `` man in mne` (all projects came in 2011). And as it usually happens, the success came to her unexpectedly.

Even before graduating Love Novikova starred in a short melodrama `Shipovnik`, which became her schoolmates graduate work at the director`s office Nigina Sayfullaevoy. The young heroine Novikova, languishing with boredom at the cottage in the parent society, and after the sudden arrival of a cousin of experiencing a storm of emotions - from awkward offers his love to the tragedy of separation - was organic and compelling. The work in 2011 was presented at the festival `Kinotavr`, and after watching director Michael Segal realized that the character has found his next film.

Segal`s film `Rasskazy` (2012) has an unusual format - a small four short stories on various ethical, social and cultural problems of our society. Stories handwritten stories created in the genres of comedy of the absurd, sharp satire, thriller and melodrama, which are embodied in the lives of those who read them, have become event in the world of the national cinema. Love Novikova played heroine `kindled plamya` - the fourth novel of the film. Young unnamed mistress respected publisher Max stuns him (and moviegoers) their sexuality, but between classes love the same exact way stuns his complete ignorance of everything else. Max, vainly trying if you do not raise the intellectual level of his girlfriend, then at least find her things in common besides the bed, in the end, back to the girlfriend of his youth, who travels the Altai and knows not only who is Trotsky, but the details of his murder.

The heroine Lyubov Novikova in `Rasskazah` produced a sensation among critics and viewers. The popularity of the young actress has become unbelievable, and directors vied invited her to shoot.

Another notable work Novikova became cult thriller `Survive posle`, released in 2013. The history of the deserted after the invasion of a deadly virus Moscow, and the survival of the group in these conditions of the main characters, aroused great interest of the audience. Despite the many criticisms of this series, the scene in which participated Marina Novikova`s heroine, called rave reviews of her fans.

Among the last works of the young actress - the role of Xenia in the series `Moscow never spit` (2013), as well as a remake of `Caucasian plennitsy` (working title -` Best girl Kavkaza`), in which she played the main character, the mini-series` These naprotiv` eyes and other projects, the yield on the screen of which is scheduled for 2015.

About his personal life the actress prefers not to talk, although not hide the fact that she is married, and her official name - Novikova-Aksenov.

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