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I only play a negative role ...

-Only That Russia has successfully passed through the screens bolkbaster Antikiller-2, where you play the role of a Chechen father. As we walked to the restaurant, you spoke very highly of Gosha Kutsenko. This is curious, because you are the actor behind which an enormous school - s namenity Meltinesa theater, working in large Soviet films, but about contemporary Russian actors often say that they are superficial, they do not have schools and skill. But Kutsenko you rate highly. Why?

-Srazu Reservation that I Antikiller-2 did not see and can not talk about this work. I`m talking about Antikiller first. I got the impression that Gosha Kutsenko - is a hero for whom you want to go. What once was, if you remember, in good Soviet, and in good American movies - the screen was a hero, for whom I also go and live life as well - to be honest, fair, and fight for it. When I saw this picture, I thought that here, at last, the hero comes back to the screen. Prior to this, I have not seen such. All the time there was some vagueness. On the screen was like a hero, but he at the same time and a scoundrel, and with some defects, and another, and the third.

-So Director creates like depth of character, but in the end destroys our empathy. In this sense the new picture of Andrew Proshkina Games moths. The film is very strong, but the hero in it frank jerk, which at some point cease to sympathize completely. However, Andrew did not made a film about the hero, he was interested in the anatomy of the Russian hinterland, but if in the outback was still the hero of the film, in my opinion, would be met even greater response.

- You see. And we have, for example, has become a hero of the scandal, not a hero at all like a man. The greater scandal, the brighter character. But this is not a hero, for which you want to experience. Antikiller gave me the impetus to think - not all the heroes of this picture, thieves, murderers, they live in some pass-through space. There is no house, no family - they are all the time in some broken ruins. I had the impression that their life in the draft, they will blow. So I liked this character and that their blows out. I really liked the work Gosha Kutsenko. I`m talking about "Antikiller" First, I think that in the second Antikiller even better all.

- How do you do this work appeared? You`re probably in a budget blockbuster starring for the first time. As far as this work is different from what it was in the old Soviet films?

-Work Distinguished mainly by the fact that there was a very high pace. Twelve hours shooting day and only Sunday holiday. In Soviet times, shooting 5 days, 8 hours, and if there was one and a half shifts, it had to involve trade unions to negotiate, etc. This rate requires the director, that he was prepared to 100%, because there is no deviation from this day, when someone fell ill, should not bring down the schedule. He should know five days in advance, what he would do. I love this pace, because it is - the work, and you feel that you are working and do not kick pears.

-In Antikiller-2 have rigidly negative role on the plot, with your own energy - is very positive. You played a lot of negative roles?

-I Only theater playing negative roles, and in the movie played so many villains. I can on my fingers probably count the good roles. But to play the role of interesting villains - they are always better than prescribed, they have more material than, for example, in the role of chairman of the kolkhoz.

- I`ve heard in the theater, you`re now playing Dostoevsky. What is that role?

- Petr Petrovich Luzhin - also negative character. Although you know Dostoevsky ...

- Yes ... I call them moral scoundrels. Almost all the characters - the dregs, but obsessed with moral suffering.

- And all of them sorry. Just finished with Shakespeare`s The Merchant of Venice Shylock. We`ve got the Prime Minister, and had very good reviews. Shylock has turned out, as they say in the reviews, sorry for him.

- But your suicide, at least if you do not mind, he is sympathetic, because I see that this is not the villain, but a person of strong convictions. So you play it. And it is interesting from the point of view of the movie. But how do you feel about this phenomenon in life really?

- To Terrorism?

- For people who are behind the terrorism in fact, not in the movie. They are, in your opinion, too strong personality convinced or still scumbags?

- I think that behind them are very strong, a lot of money, so they invent all sorts of plans. Because destroy what has been created - thinking person will never be, and the more select life in humans. After all, it is not given to anyone, it is generally blasphemy. What is happening around the world - my mind does not understand! What is necessary to have degenerated soul to thoroughly think about how best to carry out the attack, and kill as many. I`m not talking about the cultural monuments, etc. As in Afghanistan, the Taliban destroyed the monument, which is 2000 years old. The rock was a great Sphinx. He lasted 2000 years. But it was not by their religion, and they shot him from the gun. Insanity full. I am opposed to this course. I think that no one will be over. Even that would be against the terrorist when he was caught. But I do not understand the thinking of such a person. I think it`s just a lot of money can do.

-But When we ourselves have played such a person, thinking what you tried to try on?

- You see, I was not his role as prosecutor, otherwise I would not play. I was a lawyer. All the time I thought he should do so, because his family and children killed. I always found some human qualities that would help me to play this man - a terrorist in this case. If I were a prosecutor, I would not get the role. The result would be a primitive beast that would only shoot and run.

- You said that you play a villain more interesting than the positive. If you are playing a negative role, the role of a lawyer of this, it may be playing a positive character to be a prosecutor, then it too will be more convex.

- I do not think. If Kutsenko was the prosecutor of its role - to him, he would not have not followed the hero at all. All the time he would have found some winding paths in the shower, which would make it not very pleasant. As already written goodie, it must also be a lawyer.

-Your Character with Chechen nationality. And you Lithuanian. Interestingly it turns out - Lithuanian Chechen reliably plays, although they are completely different cultures and nations.

- You can not play a nation, to play, for example, an Englishman or American. Remember, there were movies where Russian actors playing Americans, and nothing came of it.

- Invited always Balts - Adamaytisa, Budraitis, Kalnins ...

- Maybe, but there were also Russian. And almost always it turned out just as funny as the Americans, who were playing Russian. Because ethnicity is not played. Man playing with his essence and character. A nationality simply attached as a costume or make-up - no more.

- It`s very accurate. In your role of nationality in fact indicate only a dressing gown and cap, but that`s enough.

-Of Course, because that is important to me that inside him under the cap. When the picture ends, the viewer think about the hero - and so it is a person, and then recalls what he has with all this nationality.

- You had no idea, start a career in Russia, taking into account that now happening in our movie some recovery? Maybe after this role you will be a surge of interest.

- As long as quietly. I do not think there will be a splash. Besides, I am considered a foreign actor, and this is very hinders - and need a visa, and a hotel for me is three times more expensive. Producer does all counts. If this episode - it is possible to agree, and if it is a big role, the cost is already high. A rise in Russia now - yes. And in the movies, and TV shows. Envy takes. In Lithuania, it simply nowhere to take. We have a budget and the other, and a small country. It is necessary to picture someone looked to have paid off, and they can be put as follows. A vicious circle. In two years, we have removed one full-length film about the Forest Brothers. I played it in the episode. That`s all.

- And what kind of nonsense is happening with the Lithuanian Film Studio? In summer, there is in full swing work - in the studio a year filmed three or four American project (Americans are constantly filmed by the Lithuanian Film Studios low budget in their standards of films), the studio brought the state a huge income in taxes, actors from time to time earned, acting in the episodes, large, by Lithuanian standards, money, and all of a sudden - the studio bankrupt. What`s the matter?

- Studio bought some association has nothing to do with the movie. According to the press, I know that it seems to have acquired only 14 million litas, despite the fact that there is only one piece of land worth 15 million. They write that the studio demolished, in its place will build luxury homes and the studio will take a different location. Maybe it will take, and maybe not.

-I Hope we did not do the same with Mosfilm, and there is also a good place for luxury homes.

- I, too, hope you still really happens in a movie rise.

- I am surprised that in Lithuania in general somehow unpopular going to the movies. Even in the American movies. Come on Terminator - in the hall of fifty people. In my opinion, this case certain habits. Ten years ago, in all Russian theaters were furniture stores and showrooms. People used to watch movies on video and cinema seemed a thing of the past. Then the first converted halls began to appear, and everyone began to realize that the same Hollywood movies can be watched on the big screen. About our pictures speech did not go. Then the screens went triumphantly Brother-2, and this started a breakthrough - it turned out that our films can be on the big screen to watch. Antikiller-2 general any record of money collected.

- We, too, at one time began to actively go to the movies, but now it has cooled down again. Or the picture is no longer interested - ate these products, where all the time running around and shooting, it`s annoying, sometimes I want something human.

- That`s it, just need to remove the national cinema. After all, it is, even if a less spectacular, will always be closer to the viewer, because the screen characters - the same people, not overseas. People interested in watching stories about myself. See, even for our short film goes, although it with our tiny budget, no entertainment at all no. Only a very good actors there.

- Do you have a human history. She told me even in a scenario like why I agreed to play. So I wish you good luck.

- And I`ll want to stay again in some Russian blockbuster.

Author: Paul Sanaev

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