Louis Napoleon Bonaparte

Picture of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte

Date of Birth: 09/02/1778

Age: 67

Place of birth: Ajaccio

Citizenship: France


In addition, Louis, who commanded to call themselves Lodoveykom, according to local tradition, brought from the country of the French troops. During his rather self-rule was abolished the death penalty. In general, among the Dutch it was quite popular, but made fun of him because of the funny accent. For example, the title - Konijn van `Olland, King of Holland, Louis uttered so that turned" Dutch rabbit. "

By order of the Emperor Louis he married the daughter of the Empress Josephine by her first marriage, Hortense de Beauharnais, but the couple soon separated. However, from this marriage were born three sons.

Napoleon Interests interrupted the reign of Louis. The independence of the emperor`s brother did not like, especially the fact that the Dutch King almost let smugglers to trade with England, Napoleon declared that the blockade. In 1810, by order of his brother Louis handed the throne young son. Four days later, France annexed the Netherlands.

Of course, Napoleon`s brother in poverty did not leave, and gave him the title of Count of Saint-Leu and the right to rule in the Grand Duchy of Kleve-Julich-Berg, whose head was his son Napoleon Louis.

Life is the youngest son of Louis, Charles-Louis-Napoleon, there was a particularly brilliant: he became the first President of the French Republic, and then the French emperor Napoleon III. However, evil tongues say that the mother, Hortense de Beauharnais, had a younger son is not quite from Louis ... Officially, however, Louis Bonaparte is I and my brother, and the father of the French emperor.

In recent years, Louis, like many members of the family of the disgraced emperor, wandering through Europe. However, finding refuge in a friendly Florence, he settled there pretty well - though without much luxury, but not in not needing anything.

He died on July 25, 1846 in Livorno.