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Date of Birth: 02/12/1915

Age: 72

Place of birth: Ottawa


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The future actor was born on February 12, 1915 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada). His parents, Daniel (Daniel Green) and Dora Green (Dora Green) - in fact, Green`s (Grinovsky), - were Jewish immigrants from Russia (Russia). His mother called him Chaim (Chaim), and school records Greene appears as Hyman (Hyman). His daughter and author of his biography, Linda Greene Bennett (Linda Greene Bennett), says that no one knows when her father began to use the nickname.

Acting craft fascinated him when Greene studied at the Royal University (Queen`s University) to Kingston (Kingston), and then he tried his hand as a presenter on the university radio. He abandoned the idea of ??a career in chemical engineering, and after graduating from the university found a place in the Speaker of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CBC). Green started off with a newsreader program `CBC National News` and soon earned the nickname `The Voice Kanady`, but with the beginning of World War II, students renamed Lorna Green in` Voice sudby`. He also acted as narrator in creating documentaries. Actress and theater director Katherine Cornell (Katharine Cornell) twice offered him a role in her performances on Broadway (Broadway).

In 1953, Green began his television career, playing Shakespeare`s Othello (Othello) in a series of dramas `Ford Television Theatre` and several other roles. In 1955 he was invited to the role of Ludwig van Beethoven (Ludwig van Beethoven) in the television series `You Are There`. The first permanent role for the Green was the role of patriarch Ben Cartwright in the western `Bonantsa`, where the actor was filmed from 1959 to 1973 and participated in 429 episodes. In 1973, after `Bonantsu` closed, Greene joined Ben Murphy (Ben Murphy) in the crime drama` Griff` (Griff) ABC channel on police from Los Angeles (Los Angeles), who becomes a private detective. Alas, `Griff` did not get the necessary ratings and closed after the 13th episode, and Green for several years engaged documentary series` Last of the Wild`. And, of course, for the 70 actor has been the face of advertising feed for dogs Company `Alpo Beef Chunks`. At the turn of 80th Green played Commander Adama, another patriarchal character in the science fiction film and the ensuing series, and in 1981 he took up the role of chief of the fire brigade in the series `Code Red`, which also fit into this stereotype.

He continued to appear until almost the end of life, the last TV movie with his participation, `The Alamo: Thirteen Days to Glory`, was released in 1987.

Back in the `60s, using the image of Ben Cartwright, Green released several albums of music in the style of the country, even ichast songs hit the charts. His latest album, `Portrait of the West`, released in 1966, and the single` Spirit of America` - in 1976.

First wife Lorna Green began in 1938. Hands Rita (Rita Hands) from Toronto (Toronto). They had two children, born in 1945, twins, Belinda Susan Bennett (Belinda Susan Bennett) and Charles Greene (Charles Greene). In 1960, they divorced, and in 1961 he married Nancy Green Deal (Nancy Deale), with whom he lived until his death. They have a daughter, Gillian Denmark Green was born in 1968-m (Gillian Dania Greene).

72-year-old Lorne Greene died on September 11, 1987 of complications from pneumonia in Santa Monica, California (Santa Monica, California). A few weeks before his death, he said, that will appear in the sequel `` Bonantsy` called Bonanza: New pokolenie` (Bonanza: The Next Generation), and one of the roles was to play his daughter Gillian.

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