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Like many other Los Angeles-based metal bands mid-80s "Lizzy Borden" began her career with the appearance on the compilation "Metal Massacre". The name of the band was in honor of the woman - killer, straightens his victims with an ax. The founder and front man of the gang was the guy who took themselves the same name, Lizzie Borden. His first assistant in the creation of the team was his brother Joey Scott Hardzhes, which took place at the drums. Other team members were guitarists Tony Matuszak and Gene Allen. Worst of all was the case with the bass player, he could not find. Matching candidacy (Mike Davis) was discovered only when "Lizzy Borden" gathered to record a track for the "Metal Massacre IV". His first release on the band released "Metal blade" in 1984 - it was the EP "Give` em the axe ". In addition to their own mother`s group there was a cover of "Rainbow", "Long live rock`n`roll".

For minifull-length album was followed by "Love you to pieces". It has crystallized style "Lizzy Borden" - melodic heavy metal with clear influence of "Iron Maiden" and "Judas priest". After the release of "Love you to pieces" left the band Tony Matuszak, giving way to Alex Nelson. The new guitarist debuted on the live album "The murderess metal roadshow", recorded on Friday, December 13, 1985. This statement "Lizzy Borden", which appeared as the video gives the viewer association with the show "Kiss" and Alice Cooper. This proprietary chip Lizzie Borden served as a microphone, made in the form of a bloody ax. After the album "Menace to society" team left Alex Nelson, and another EP, "Terror rising" the band recorded four. This release has got some covers, including a version of the iconic songs "Jefferson Airplane", "White rabbit". As a guest on "Terror rising" was attended by Joey Vera ("Armored saint") and Betsy ("Bitch").Special development in the works of "Lizzy Borden" was not observed, and Lizzie was trying to solve the problem due to the reshuffle. Thus, the disc "Visual lies", recorded with producer Max Norman, Gene Allen was replaced by Joe Holmes, and on the 1989 album "Master of disguise" was attended by guitarist David Michael Phillips and Ronnie Jude. This work received the highest recognition of the students and get to the 133rd line in the "Billboard" (previous releases, although present in the charts, dangling somewhere at the end of the second hundred) . In the early `90s for "Lizzy Borden", as well, and many other heavy teams, fell on hard times, and the team was satisfied with the club concerts. In the end, the group`s activities almost came to naught, and her return took place only at the end of the millennium. Composition "Lizzy Borden" sample in 2000 was as follows: Borden (vocals) , Nelson (guitar) , Hardzhes (drums) and Martin Andersson (bass) . The team released a new album and started touring ,but it was re- dissolved after Alex Nelson`s death, who died in a car accident May 17, 2004. Her former members formed a new project called "Starwood".

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