Lizzie Borden

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Date of Birth: 07/19/1860

Age: 66

Place of birth: Massachusetts

Citizenship: United States


Lizzie Borden was born in 1860, the year in a small town in Massachusetts. When she was two, her parent died, and his father soon remarried. Stepmother has not managed to find a common language with Lizzie and her sister Emma - grumpy disposition newly-hostess would not let the girls rest. In addition, Lizzie was convinced that her stepmother dreams only of one thing - ever get to the capital of his father.

Parent Lizzie was pretty rich. For a long time he has managed to amass a sizable fortune, but kept his own family almost in squalid conditions, without considering it necessary to spend money unnecessarily.

Lizzie Borden (Lizzie Andrew Borden) grew and bred in the surrounding of the fall only sympathy. She regularly attended church, knew how to sew and knit, loved to fish and often dreamed of better times.

So Borden lived for thirty-odd years. And then - I could not stand it.

Her patience was over at a time when Lizzie learned that the parent wanted to inherit the good part of its assets husband. In addition, he acted badly with Lizzie, in a regular fit of rage, destroying her beloved pigeons.

... After the crime was committed (Lizzie most brutally hacked stepmother and father sharpened ax) and the investigation began, there was plenty of gossip. The lawyer turned professional and managed to skillfully convince the jury that such a righteous person could never make such a - devil - the act. The Company supported the protection and despite the fact that a lot of evidence against detektivyobnaruzhili Lizzie Borden (Lizzie Andrew Borden), its acquitted.

The matter was resolved safely, and Lizzie was free of the hated tutelage of his father and stepmother, and - with a lot of money. Soon she bought a new house in the best area and with great pleasure began to live there.

Throughout his life, Lizzie Borden (Lizzie Andrew Borden) spent in solitude. She never married.

Lizzie died in 1927, the year - she passed away, taking with him was never solved the mystery.

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