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The Lively Ones can not even be ignored becausethey stood at the origins of surf rock (as The Expressos) in 1960along with Dick Dale & the Del-Tones. The group has never hidden his admiration for Dick Dale and the first three entries in the mini- album `Surf Rider` were cover versions of Dick Dale! Moreover, the two original Ed Chiaverini and Ray Hunt group member met it on Dick Dale concert.Single The Expressos "Teenage Express" (which gave it its name) was by and large the new arrangement of the songs surf Preston Epp "Bongo Rock," which Hunt - then a solo guitarist, taught to play Jim Fuller`a, which in turn very soon I used the basic riffs of this song to record the hit group the Surfaris "Wipe Out" -one of the most famous songs in the world of surf rock. In -side of the single "Wanderin`" was soon overwritten by a new group Hunt`a The Surfmen (whose members and subsequently became The Lively Ones and whose rare version of the song "Ghost Hop" remained unreleased until then, until you came to the collection Del-Fi Records `Wild Surf!) Hunt was looking for musicians to start to speak and invited Tim Fitzpatrick (drums), Ron Griffith (bass) and Chiaverini (rhythm guitar). The Surfmen collapsed after Griffith, Fitzpatrick and Chiaverini decided to gather his own group with guitarist Jim Masoner and saxophonist Joel Willenbring.On the radio station KFWB DJ Gene Weed found a name for the group: "Gene saw as we rode on stage at concerts, I heard the sound of our music, and once told us that" a handful of spermatozoa "(lively ones)" says Masoner.

Weed introduced children with Keane with a local record company Del-Fi Records.Producer Bob Summers of Sound House Studios brought The Lively Ones into the studio to record and The Lively Ones have become one of the most popular surf groups on Del-Fi Records, and despite the fact that very few of them played on the radio they were selling their albums thousandths circulations.Three months of summer 1963 debut album,The Lively Ones was the best selling in the central music store Wallich`s Music City at Sunset & Vine, not far from the office of Del-Fi Records on Selma Avenue. The originality of the compositions was not a strong point The Lively Ones: 12 months, they recorded four albums and a half - `Surf Drums`,` Surf City`,`The Greatest Surf Hits` and half of the album ` Surfing South Of The Border` - all of them were full of cover versions or re-recorded songs based on well-known rock and R & B songs.

Not less than ten original tracks on these albums are hidden under other names.

error status: 400when later recorded the album `Let`s Go Surfin`.Version of The Lively Ones "Surf Rider" you can hear on the soundtrack of Pulp Fiction. The Lively Ones soon became known as the creators of the surf hits from a variety of popular instrumentals of the time, for example, "Night & Day",written by Broadway composer Cole Porter (only on the album `Hang Five!) song and Duane Eddy" Forty Miles Of Bad Road "(which became a hit Duane Eddy in 1959).

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