Lingyu Ruan

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Date of Birth: 04/26/1910

Age: 24

Place of birth: Shanghai

Nationality: China


Ruan was born in Shanghai April 26, 1910. Her childhood was spent in poverty. His father died in 1916, his mother waited in a wealthy house Zhang family. At the age of sixteen years, Ruan left school and went to live in a civil marriage with the son of the family, where her mother worked. Their relationship did not work out in the end, and Ruan was soon forced to start looking for work. In 1927, thanks to the patronage of the employed in the film industry the elder brother of her lover, she made her debut in the movie, received a major role in the film "At only formally." At the same time she took a pseudonym.

First Ruan worked on kinostudiiMingxing Film Studio, and then in 1930 moved to the newly formed studio Lianhua Film Company. The very first picture of her in a new place - "Memoirs of Beijing" - turned into a great success, and soon Ruan became one of the leading actresses of the studio.

The most prominent of her works of that period were the films "Love and Duty" (1931), "Three modern women" (1933), "Little Toys" (1933), "The Goddess" (1934), where the actress played the role of a single mother who it becomes a prostitute to get money to feed a small son, and others.

In 1932, after the Japanese began bombardirovkuShanhaya, Juan moved to Hong Kong, but next year the situation has stabilized, the actress returned home and continued to work.

Popularity Ruan has meant that her personal life - a break with the spouse and the relationship with her lover Tang Jishan - became the subject of intense media attention. As a result, the actress could not stand the pressure, and March 8, 1935 committed suicide by taking a large dose of sleeping pills. Her death was perceived by the public as a real tragedy. The funeral procession, attended by about 300 thousand people stretched for five kilometers, three fans of the actress committed suicide, and the writer Lu Xun published in memory of Ruan essay titled "Rumors - a terrible thing" - these words contained a suicide note actress .

Interesting facts

In 1992, Stanley Kwan withdrew biographical drama about the life of the actress called the "Main Stage". For the embodiment of the image on a screen Ruan actress Maggie Cheung won a prize at the Berlin Film Festival in the category of Best Actress.

In 2005 at the Vienna International Film Festival held a retrospective of films Ruan. In addition, the painting "Goddess" was included in the 2004 program of silent film festival in San Francisco.

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