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Date of Birth: 07/14/1938

Age: 78

Place of birth: Tallinn

Citizenship: Estonia


Author: Sergey Kapkov

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Lilian Solomonovna Malkin. She made her debut in the movie role of grandmothers in the film "Attention, Turtle!". Changed several theaters, and in the early 90`s immigrated to the Czech Republic, which has successfully played on the Prague scene and removed a lot of European cinema.

Hooliganism - a favorite style of Lily Malkina games. No wonder her favorite theater is still a "buffoon", driven by officials and Communists - in the late `60s as part of the troupe of the anti-Soviet team she traveled halfway across the country. Performances "Skomorokha" was a synthesis of the masquerade, pop music, clowning and Drama - is a mix of genres like the actress had.

Malkina not had much luck with the theater. Role for its texture was a little, and very docile actress can not be called 0 glavrezh not everyone will endure in the collective hooliganism, and matershinnitsu pravdorubku rolled into one. But Lily Malkin always loved friends and colleagues. She took in her home such great women like Faina Ranevskaya, Anna and Tatiana Lisyanskaya Okunevskaya, the characters were also not easy.

After a successful film debut in the comedy Rolan Bykov "Attention, Turtle!" Malkin is not removed 8 years. Then there was the Rose in "The Steppe", buhgaltersha in "Leaving - leave" Frida robber in "Island of Lost Ships" and the old nun in a Musical for Yevgenia Ginzburg "donuts". The last role in Russia has become a "red professor`s" Pobiyaho in the television series "White Clothes".

In Prague Malkin fairly quickly I came on the scene, but I think that will work in a foreign country ushers. She played matchmaker Ente in the dramatization of stories by Sholom Aleichem. And in 1995 she appeared in the role of Aunt Tamara in the film "Kolya", which received the "Oscar". Today, Lillian Malkin - one of the most popular residents of the Czech Republic. About her shoot films and TV shows, it works a lot on stage and admits that by this unexpected popularity is already tired.

In 1960 he graduated from the Leningrad Theatre Institute. Ostrovsky. In 1960-64 he worked in the Tallinn Russian Drama Theater. In 1964-66 - in the Drama and Comedy Theater "On Liteiny" (Leningrad). In 1966-67 - in the Regional Philharmonic. In 1968-70 - the actress of the Moscow theater Amusing "buffoon." In 1970-71 - in the Moscow Theater of Drama and Comedy on Taganka. In the 1972-80 academic -in Leningrad Comedy Theatre. N.Akimova. In 1980-84 - in the Leningrad Theater. Leningrad City Council. In 1984-92 - the actress of the Leningrad State Theater "Experiment". Since 1992 lives and works in Prague (Czech Republic).

Actor`s work:

1. The farm in the desert - 1970 (Drama)

2. Attention, Turtle! - 1970 (Adventure)

3. Steppe - 1978 () ... Rose

4. Leaving - leave - 1978 (lyrical comedy) ... buhgaltersha

5. Unicum - 1983 (comedy)

6. The island of lost ships - 1987 (musicals / musical) ... Frida robber

7. Rouen virgin nicknamed Doughnut - 1989 (musicals / musical)

8. Sunset - 1990 ()

9. White garments - 1992 (Drama) ... the professor Pobiyaho

10. Kohl - 1995 (Romance) ... Aunt Tamara

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