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Date of Birth: 06/12/1957

Age: 59

Place of birth: Semipalatinsk

Citizenship: Russia

Lily Makeyev: Do you want to find - do not be afraid to lose!

Author: Lily Geist (Makeyev)

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So, probably, they agreed among themselves the stars that I was born and raised in the city of Semipalatinsk, where at one time exiled the great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky. There, in the steppes of Kazakhstan, was deported in 1941 the family of my mother, a German by birth ...

After school, I entered the philological faculty of Nizhyn Pedagogical Institute, and I was lucky to be in the walls, where previously attended at least the great writer Nikolai Gogol. Only the lazy have not picked up this tip: my path - Books! However, at the end of the first year I had a chance to read verses from the scene, and one of the students, sharply turned into Mephistopheles, knocked me astray: `You need to go to akterskiy`!

And - flashed in a chariot wheel of fortune ... After finishing the first course almost perfectly, I applied what was wrong, they say, in their chosen profession, and jerked to Leningrad - the city of my dreams. When he reached the third round at the master Zinovy ??Korogodskii, cut out, taking in the sense, for what is the reason the examiners asked me to lift her skirt. Naturally, the girl seemed exemplary sandwiched Commission. On the sidelines of LGITMiK me discouraged, someone suggested to go to Moscow - where de more opportunities. I arrived - and set in the theater universities over. But Moscow has captivated me instantly, and home, I decided not to return. He got a job as a janitor, got the broom, thirteen squares janitor and became frantically to prepare for admission to the cast.


Shift work janitor at the bakery, I mastered my first profession - ukladchitsa-perevozchitsa bread. Then, the second - the driver Dough machines. All his spare time was lost in the library, samoobrazovyvayas zealously, and in July 1976 was admitted to the Drama School Schepkina.Osvoenie acting craft - is in itself fascinating. However, having studied for two years, I have submitted a letter of resignation, for personal reasons. The Art course leader, Michael Novohizhin, could not keep me.

Intending to study at the Literary Institute, I spent two weeks in the creative throes and suddenly realized that poisoned the scene. Realizing, however, the `pahnet` this sweet but cruel profession, I decided to enlist - no, do not support! - A judgment of any sensible, incorruptible professional: I`m an actress or not. My humble choice was great director Anatoly Efros. He `prigovoril` me necessarily to study further and become even bother me. `That`s just from the Moscow Art Theatre I have a strained relationship, there can not have rekomendovat` ... But, ironically, when Efros flew to America to stage performances, namely in the Moscow Art Theatre School took me directly to the third course Massalsky Paul and Ivan Tarhanova.

I let out good, but hitting before getting a diploma to the hospital with a concussion, was distributed as bad - with a free diploma. Extras and scenes in the movie did not bring joy, and all the free time I rhymed their emotions.


In 1982, I still was lucky, and I co-starred in the popularly known Christmas tale `Charodei`, playing scheming bespectacled, secretary Olga. Then there was the editor Katya `Report from the line ognya` wife pochmeystera in` Dead dushah` Svetlana `in planet` Parade, a friend of a friend of the protagonist in` I can not say proschay` - and nothing supernatural ...

And in 1985, a son was born, and psevdokarera receded into the background. When the son grew up, I went to serve in the theater - at first worked in the drama `Minor truppe`, then two years in` Sovremennike`.

It soon became clear that the existence of a cinematographic theater attracts me most. Since childhood, I do not like groups and long-term projects, but on the set feel like a fish in water, even if the role scanty. `No small roles - there are bad artisty`. And I do not regret that I was able to get this profession. Yes, nervous, sensitive, but what interests you! From time to time you leave the familiar shell and directs in parallel worlds other destinies, new circumstances, and even different centuries. You were not ashamed to spend a laundress or maid Middle Ages in the last century, are not scared of the primitive communal system, freezing in shabby clothing, and do not damage the dignity of being a few months in the Bastille, for your name - Mary Stewart ... How many lives can be lived, living one, my! What a happy opportunity to refresh the blood and body cells due to `change uchasti`! What luck - you can always go back to the usual, gained, equipped thee world ...


In 31 years, having learned that my grandfather, Adam Geist, was in the same shot as a young naroda` `the enemy, I have decided to restore historical justice and to extend the race of his grandfather on his ancestral home - went to Germany. Thoroughly learned the language, raised her son becoming a correspondent radio station `Deutsche volna`, to earn their bread. A couple of years it was interesting, comfortable - Everything is new, not the same as before. But also emigration has its reefs. As a result, broke up the family, beloved husband and co-author Nikolai Popkov returned to Moscow, and I began to live on ... `avtopilote` - between heaven and earth, between the two halves of his soul, between the two countries, will inevitably sometimes falling in` black dyry`. Saved by poetry - I zarifmovyvala their experiences, and they retreated.

Change of Fate

Voicing German television aktrisna Russian language, I suddenly received an offer to star in a film studio `Bayern-film`. Cinematography existence responded to me in return, send suggestions and good earnings. But two years later fate would take me out of the game: sudden surgery and rehabilitation period changed not only the course of events, but also my disposition. Moscow, where I was operated on again became my home. Quoting myself in shape, I decided to try his hand in the domestic film again. She starred in the television movie `Faith Watchdog Frantsuz`, then she is in `Greek kanikulah` playing ... German women have! Later he was a detective `Dasha Vasilyeva-4`,` Love is like a series lyubov`, Aeroport` `` Towards serdtsu`, `A woman wants znat`,` The hour Volkova`, movies `Andersen. Life without lyubvi` Eldar Ryazanov, `Pure pobeda` Giorgi Shengelia, etc., - from case to case, like all actors in free flight.


Entreprise I was not attracted, serials frankly depressing and creativity torn out. That`s how I took up the pen. Journalism in handy. I returned to poetry Okudzhava himself when I was fortunate enough to conduct an interview with him in Bonn: `Do not written? This happens at all. If you have lived it, it will inevitably manifest itself ... `

In 2003 he published my first book of poems and stories, `On avtopilote`, with a preface and kind parting words genius Leonid Filatov. Following the second - `Thank you for what you lyublyu`, it contains interviews with prominent personalities of our time. In 2010 he published a book of fiction `Vezuchaya`. Now I write a great book, a novel and a collection of short stories. Just splash out the pain and the joy on paper, nothing on claiming.

The Times did not choose ... We can only hope for the best and believe in universal human reason and humanity. All peace and good!

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