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Year of birth : 1989

Age: 26 years

Birthplace : Brooklyn, New York, USA

Citizenship : United States

Alternative metal group

In mid- 1999, it was officially announced that the `Life of Agony` disintegrated, releasing just three albums and giving a huge number of concerts.

`Life of Agony` - alternative metalband from Brooklyn, New York, New York (Brooklyn, New York). History of the association has its origins in 1989, when the three friends : Robert Alan (Alan Robert), Zoe Z (Joey Z) and Keith Caputo (Keith Caputo) decided to create his own musical group. All the guys played well on musical instruments, and had to find a drummer ,but to do this it was not so easy. After several days of auditions guys stopped at a young Abruskato Sal (Sal Abruscato), who at that time played in a fairly popular band `Type O Negative`.

Already after a few performances, the band signed with the record company `Roadrunner Records`,which helped a lot in the recording of their debut album `River Runs Red`. The album will hit the stores at the beginning of 1993 and the first days has become quite popular among teenagers.

they released their second album, the team two years later, `Ugly`, which, in the opinion of music critics, was more emotional and profound. HoweverTo the album`s release time drummer went on tour together with another team, and `Life of Agony` were forced to find another drummer, who became Dan Richardson (Dan Richardson), known to fans by participating in such teams as ` Pro-Pain` and `Crumbsuckers`.

The third album of the collective, `Soul Searching Sun`,It became more successful than the previous work of the group, but soon after its release vocalist said that now is not going to perform together with the band since his heart henceforth

` Does not belong to this muzyke`. The tour `Life of Agony` went to Winfield Crane (Whitfield Crane), previously played with the band ` Ugly Kid Joe`.Returning to the studio guys were quick to get rid of a new vocalist, because neither the understanding nor the right attitude to music they have not evolved. Some time Alan Robert was on the vocalist position, but one day the band suddenly realized that just do not want to continue to make music ,because the group was not ` polnoy` without Caputo Keith (Keith Caputo).

In mid- 1999, it was officially announced that the `Life of Agony` disintegrated, releasing just three albums and giving a huge number of concerts.

In 2000 the album was released in memory of the group, which was a record one of their performances in Niderlanah (Netherlands).

In 2003-m, the group decided to make a surprise to fans and gave two concerts on January 3 and 4 on the Irving Plaza (Irving Plaza), New York (New York). Both concerts were recorded and vypushena on a DVD- ROM in the same year. As a result of the reunification of the band played a few shows in America, and in Europe (Europe).Everything else `Life of Agony` recorded a new album, ` Broken Valley`.

the team took part in the tour `Gigantour`, which also was attended by such groups as ` Megadeth` and `Dream Theater` and many others In 2006, the year. After a few years of silence the band released the album `River Runs Red`, which included songs from that tour.Vocalist `Life of Agony` Keith Caputo took part in the recording of the song ` What Have You Done` legendary metal band `Within Tempation`. The song was popular around the world and entered several prestigious charts.

Not so long ago it became known that the group is actively working on writing new material and preparing to release another album. According to the drummer, the band will release a single and, depending on its popularity, it will decide what to do next.

The style of music `Life of Agony` it difficult to determine even the participants themselves. They know they are only just that most affect them music groups such as `Radiohead`,` Metallica`, `Pink Floyd`,`Black Sabbath` and ` Social Distortion`.

Most of the songs written Caputo vocalist group, but there are those that were written by Robert. It is interesting that, unlike the other groups, the band never wrote songs full team. In addition uchstiya in `Life of Agony`, participants engaged in other projects, some of which are European. At the time one of the concerts of the group leaped from the stage fan hit his head and died. Of course, immediately after the end of the concert event interested in the police, and the group `s reputation was at stake. Heating up the atmosphere even that in some of his songs, the musicians gently persuades them to do so, but later the court found ,that musicians guilt in death there is no fan.

Not long ago, the group returned from a tour of Europe, ahead of them, almost nothing is certain - only the unknown, they are in for quite a long time. A few months ago they released the single `A Fondness for Hometown Scars`, which ranked 88 th position in the ranking of 100 ` Dutch Top Albums Chart`

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