Liene Berzina

Picture of Liene Berzina

Age: 31

Citizenship: Ireland

Silver "bullet" against acne

Liene Berzin, like many others, the first `poznakomilas` with acne in adolescence. At age 21, she moved to Ireland (Ireland), and then an inflammatory disease of the skin it manifested itself in the appalling scale. She began to think seriously about suicide.

Liene says: `I could not sleep because of the pain. At one stage I had swollen eyes and skin blistered. I had a few hours to prepare for work. I was putting make-up, using a variety of bases, and - nothing. I had to wash everything and start zanovo`.

Acne is so affected her confidence that Liene of fun and carefree girl began to turn into a recluse. She did not get enough sleep, drowning in depression and everything was becoming more and more irritable. Berzin says, `You get used to the pain, waking up at night. But you do not get used to the reactions of other lyudey`.

Liene waitress fired from his job, kakona states precisely because of its problems with the skin. Shortly thereafter, she broke up with her boyfriend. Berzin says: `He was trying to be kind, but I knew that my boyfriend felt my skin disgusting and I could not bear it. So we have it was all over. I looked at myself and felt chudovischem`.

Berzin addressed to doctors, eager to find out why suffering because of a severe form of acne. As soon as she is not tried for a few years. Birth control pills, `mestnye` antibiotics and oral antibiotics, expensive creams and other products. Berzin says, `I have spent a fortune on cream and medicines from America. But nothing worked. What I posted to visit doctors and drugs? If I am not mistaken, I spent a total of close to 7 th. Evro`.

Every trip to the store turned to Liene in real torture. Once it drew the attention of the little girl who was afraid of red blisters ipokrytogo woman`s face. She even asked her mother whether she has not burned his aunt`s face in the fire. It was the last straw. Berzin has ceased to go out and spent Christmas alone.

Liene says, `I have become obsessed with the idea of ??suicide. Now, looking back, I think it`s stupid. It was just pimples. But when it haunts you every day for many years, you just did not realize how to live dalshe`.

The turning point in the history of Liene became `vynuzhdennyy` trek to the local night club. She was persuaded to go to close friends, and she, to my surprise, there met her future fiance, Justin, who was five years younger than her. She recalls: `My skin was really horrible, I felt very insecure. But he was the first person who literally saw me under my real kozhey`.

Liene lit a new hope. She again nachalaiskat treatment, and she was offered a valid method of struggle with severe acne, however, warned that the list of side effects included real mental health problems. Berzin did not relish the thought of relapse in depression. She refused and started to surf the Internet, which came across the cream `Silver Serum`, acting on the basis of the antimicrobial properties of silver.

Berzin says, `It took about six weeks to cream` Silver Serum` completely cleared my skin. I used it twice a day. Of course, the scars from my terrible rashes. Probably, I will pass laser therapy when I can afford it pozvolit`.

`Silver Serum` Manufacturers claim that the cream fights acne bacteria plohimi`` and `horoshie` keeps bacteria that are responsible for the preservation and destruction of the skin infection.

Currently Liene and Justin, serving Navy, preparing to get married.