Lidiya Yavorskaya

Picture of Lidiya Yavorskaya

Age: 143

Place of birth: Kiev

Citizenship: United Kingdom


The well-known actress (by the scene; Baryatinsky Princess, nee von Gyubbenet) - was born in Kiev in 1872 .; raised in Kiev Gymnasium. Since childhood, he has been involved in amateur theatricals. In 1889 she entered the dramatic course in St. Petersburg. (Class VN Davydova). In 1893 she was invited to the Moscow theater Korsch, where she remained for two seasons. Special attention is paid on the performance of roles of Marguerite Gautier ( "Lady of the Camellias"), Alice ( "The Struggle for Happiness" Sofia Kovalevskaya), Olga Knapsack ( "Chad Life" Markiewicz) and especially the "M-me Sans Gene". In 1895 she was invited to St. Petersburg. Theatre Literary and Artistic Society, which had a special success in the roles of "Princess of Dreams" and "Zaza". In 1894 she married the writer of Prince VV Bariatinskii. In 1900, broke up in the views with the management on the repertoire (about the play "Smugglers"), left the company and founded the following year in St. Petersburg. your own theater, called "new theater." Of Play Ya roles, besides those already mentioned, are given more "Eaglet" Rostand, "Cleopatra" ( "Antony and Cleopatra"), Ariel ( "The Tempest" by Shakespeare), Rautendeleyn ( "sunken bell" Hauptmann), "Nora" Ibsen "Antigone" by Sophocles, Irene ( "When we dead awaken" Ibsen), "Sappho" A. Daudet, Betsy ( "Fruits of enlightenment" Tolstoy), Nina ( "Seagull"), Masha ( "The Three sisters" Chekhov), Lydia ( "Mad money" Ostrovsky), Olga Kruchinina ( "Rolls"). Ya put the article on both general and specific (theater, painting), in the "resident of Kiev," "Son of the Fatherland", "Northern Courier", "News", "Bulletin of the World."