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Date of Birth: 04/14/1923

Age: 90

Place of birth: Harbin

Citizenship: France


Lydia made her debut in the movie Vertinskaya as a fabulous bird Phoenix in the film "Sadko".

In 1955 she graduated from the Art Institute. Surikov.

He works in the field of prints, film actress.

At age 18 she married a famous singer-singer Alexander Vertinsky, who was older than her 34 years. All her life she devoted to her husband and family. Daughter Marianne says: "... the love seen them, yes Father, leaving every day writing letters to my mother - every single day she idolized him, he, in fact, made it a person, an extraordinary woman After she married him.!. ! 18 it is fashioned and raised her like Pygmalion Galatea married, widowed at 34 years old, my mother no longer went out, although the proposals have been -. and very good, but someone tell me, it could be compared with Alexander Nikolayevich Now she wrote memories.? sixteen years of a happy marriage. my mother is not tarnished with age, a great memory, she remembers the incredible events and a lot of people they have met. The book will be lots of photos and documents that mom kept that shed light on the personality of Alexander II and his work. she read me written, it is very interesting, but it works, how it assures many more. "


Lydia made her debut in the movie Vertinskaya as a fabulous bird Phoenix in the film "Sadko". She seemed ethereal, mysterious, subtly "chiseled" appearance attracted in the future directors of fantastic films. In "Novyhpriklyucheniyah Puss in Boots", it was a charming witch, but in "Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors" - the evil court lady. Noble origin Lydia Vertinskaya allowed her to brilliantly play the role of the Duchess in "Don Quixote".

Daughters Lydia Vladimirovna - known actress Anastasia and Marianna Vertinsky.


1952 Sadko

1957 Don Quixote

1957 New adventures of a cat in boots

1958 From Kiev (1st series)

1963 Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors

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