Lidia Smirnova

Picture of Lidia Smirnova

Date of Birth: 02/13/1915

Age: 92

Birthplace: Tobolsk

Citizenship: Russia


Born on February 13, 1915. He spent his childhood in his native Siberia. Then he moved to Moscow to her aunt. There she studied for 3 years in the Ballet School at the Bolshoi Theatre. It is now Smirnova - name in the domestic film industry, today we remember and love the movies in which she starred, without exception know its role.

It all began more than half a century ago, when the hearts of thousands of viewers won Shura, which appeared in a lyrical musical film "My Love". It was a very ordinary girl, the end of the 1930s - with cute curls, with dimples and invincible confidence that live in the world wonderful and beautiful. Almost Smirnov played herself and Shura her as if grew out of her life, from the 1930s, with their optimism, enthusiasm, energy, faith in the future. Lydia Smirnova, too, was once even a young actress, and just a young girl - a student at the Institute of Aviation, is interested in sports, and not even think about a movie star career. She went to drama school with a 2-year student of the Institute of Aviation. Application filed simultaneously in Vakhtangov school, the school of the Chamber Theatre and the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography and was accepted everywhere. She chose the school at the Chamber Theatre for a simple reason - it was closer to home.

When Smirnova went to school Tairov, they often come with movie studios to invite students to the shooting. What was needed was a blue-eyed blonde, everyone said - yes, we have Smirnova. But more often it is not claimed. When she was invited to the role of Shura in the film "My Love", the theater went on tour to Vladivostok. Before it was a choice - at that time it was not allowed to combine the movie with a scene. And she chose a movie. Her generation of actors began working in film in the late 1930s - early 1940s. Then, the output of each of the film was an event. Actresses know without exception - there was a man who did not go to "eagles", "on Tselikovskaya", "Serov", "on Okunevskaya". Despite the big hit "My Love", it was necessary to work on, because to remain famous for many years is difficult. For this purpose it is necessary to reinforce the popularity of new works, and the time does not stand still, time goes forward. It changes the concept of femininity, beauty, behavior style.

By 1941, she started to develop her career actress. The success came to her after the movie "My Love", he inspires. And soon went to the front comrades in the studio: directors, cameramen, artists, actors.

Smirnova`s husband - Sergei Dobrusin - journalist, who knew five languages, without waiting for the summons, he went to the recruiting office. Month of it was not news, but then she was told that he was killed near Smolensk.

Smirnova disagreed with the expression "when the cannons speak, the Muses are silent." The military was the most fruitful period for her. It turned out that the military trials coincided with a young actress, with the beginning of her artistic career. The theme of women in the war, the test subject, has fallen to the share of women, the theme of irreplaceable losses, the theme of female heroism, steadfastness, widowhood became the most important in her acting career.

Varya Burmin and partisan Fennec, defender of Leningrad Varia Markin of "Marine battalion" and Latvian Ilga in "Sons," Eugene Buslaeva in "Big Life" and the chairman of the collective farm Maria Stepanovna in the "New House" - with these heroines was growing and itself Lydia Smirnova and I tried to pass each role maturing character, spiritual beauty and durability of Russian women.

Lydia lucky. In front of her, and she went through a whole epoch in the life of a movie, its different periods - the pre-war, war time "malokartinya", the rise of the Soviet cinema. She played with the great Russian actors Peter Aleinikov, Nikolai Kryuchkov, Vera Marecki, Mikhail Zharov. She worked with directors - classics of Soviet cinema:. Lev Kuleshov, Friedrich Ermler, Abram Room, Konstantin Voinov, etc. Much to herself she had learned from meetings with legendary Soviet and world art, Sergey Prokofiev, Mikhail Zoshchenko, Vsevolod Pudovkin, Sergei Eisenstein, Galina Ulanova. Any era, any period of time remains in the memory of the viewer above all the image of man - the character and the actor`s way. People`s Artist of USSR Lidiya Smirnova - Actress generations. She is remembered and the audience end of the 1930s, and today it is known movie lovers.

During the years of creative activity Lidia Smirnova played dozens of roles in film and the studio theater actor. These include roles in the films "My Love" (1940), "The case in Volcano" (1941), "A guy from our city" (1942), "It protects the homeland" (1943), "Marine Battalion" (1946) "sons" (1946), "The New house" (1947), "they have a homeland" (1950), "Shakhtar Donetsk" (1951), "Silver dust" (1953), "it must not be forgotten" (1954 ), "The steep hill" (1956), "Two lives" (1957), "Big life" (1958), "Three out of the woods" (1958), "Midshipman Panin" (1960), "Your friends" (1961 ) "It happened in the police" (1963), "Welcome, or No Trespassing" (1964), "the secretary" (1964), "Silence" (1964), "The Marriage Bal`zaminova" (1965), "Dyadyushkinson "(1966)," Village detective "(1969)," Fakir hour "(1971)," The last fort "(1972)," Heiress "(2001) and others.

Lydia Smirnova - People`s Artist of USSR, laureate of USSR State Prize, holder of the Order of October Revolution, Red Banner of Labor, Badge of Honor, "For Service to the Fatherland