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Age: 51

Place of birth: Odessa

Citizenship: Russia


She was born in 1912 in Odessa. A student of a technical college, in 1931, she was in the company of the Odessa Theater of the Red Army named Sivashskaya fights. In 1935 the theater was disbanded, the young actress Lydia Atmanaki became the Odessa Philharmonic. Soon I felt that stage - its vocation. Around it formed an ensemble, with whom the actress worked for twelve years. Played with partners skits, interludes, performed skits, songs, singing satirical and humorous songs, read stories. But the most favorite genre actress for many years to become a musical skit.

During the war Atmanaki performed in towns and villages in Kazakhstan, as part of the concert brigades traveled to the front. In 1947 he came on tour to Leningrad with the staff of the Odessa Philharmonic and was immediately invited to Lengosestradu. By this time, it has grown into a vibrant comedy, synthetic actress, moved well, sang, held the mastery of reincarnation, captivated the audience spontaneity, enthusiasm, temperament, ability to cause both laughter and tears.

In Leningrad, in the 50 years Lydia G. released several concert programs with partners A. Astakhov, Boris Lvovich, pianist S. Kagan. (The most successful was the program "One Day" directed by one of the best theater directors G.Tovstonogova country.) In them it has created a lot of satirical images:. All sorts obyvatelnits, gossips, bezdelnitsy, etc. At the same time in her repertoire are works of lyrical and heroic (so she played a big theatrical musical story Victor Teapot "four meetings" for many years).

Lydia Atmanaki successfully cooperated with many famous writers and playwrights, most notably with A. Khazin, V. Polyakov, V. Kreslovym, V. Massa and M. Czerwinski et al. Shot in cinema. She died in 1963 in Leningrad, in the prime of his life.


1. The Young Fritz - 1943

2. She loves you - 1956 - neighbor

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