Liam Cunningham

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Date of Birth: 06/02/1961

Age: 55

Place of birth: Dublin

Citizenship: Ireland

The Onion Knight from "Game of Thrones"

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Cunningham was born in the East Wall, Dublin (East Wall, Dublin); he had three sisters and one brother. In 15 years, Liam quit school and became an electrician. In the 80 Cunningham three years left in Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe); where he was engaged in installation and maintenance of electrical equipment in one of the safari park, parallel to teaching and training of local technicians. After returning to Ireland Cunningham I became disillusioned with his work and decided to quit working with electricity and retrain as an actor. Upon successful completion of the courses actor Liam settled in the local theater, where he began to apply their knowledge in practice.

His first film role in the film played by Liam on zapad` `(` Into the West`); track projects were `War pugovits` (` War of the Buttons`) and `Little printsessa` (` A Little Princess`). The real breakthrough for Cunningham was the role Fillotsona (Phillotson) in Jude ( `Jude`); Liam then managed to get into the picture `Project 281` (` RKO 281`), `White tanets` (` Falling for a Dancer`), `Shooting the Past`,` When overthrow nebesa` ( `When the Sky Falls`) and `Robinzonov` Family (` Stranded`).

Taste international fame for the first time Liam felt for his role as Captain Ryan (Captain Ryan) in a rather successful and critically acclaimed project `Psy-voiny` (` Dog Soldiers`). The success helped Cunningham to get a few more decent roles - he was invited to projects such as` The Wind That Shakes veresk` ( `The Wind That Shakes the Barley`),` Golod` ( `Hunger`),` Once in Irlandii` ( `The Guard`),` Black babochki` ( `Black Butterflies`) and` Escape from tyurmy` ( `The Escapist`). In this case, however, is not limited to - later, Cunningham had a chance to play in a few fairly large British and American films, such as `League of Gentlemen apokalipsisa` (` The League of Gentlemen`s Apocalypse`), `The Mummy: Tomb of the Emperor drakonov` (` The Mummy : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor`), `Battle titanov` (` Clash of the Titans`), `Tsenturion` (` Centurion`) and `Harry Braun` (` Harry Brown`). Liam continued to work in television - because, in the BBC `project Outcasts` he got the role of President Richard Tate (President Richard Tate).

In 2012, Liam Cunningham joined the main cast is released to the point on the second season of the show `Game Prestolov` (` Game of Thrones`); I played - and still plays - in the popular teleepopei Cunningham Knight-smuggler Davos Seaworth (Davos Seaworth).

In the near future, Liam Cunningham will be the audience in the form of one of the protagonists of the project `Digital radiostantsiya` ( `The Number Station`) - here the company he should make John Cusack (John Cusack); In addition, Cunningham got the role of 5-msezone walking on the BBC show `Merlin` (` Merlin`). It is also known that Cunningham has recently starred in the video for the song `High Hopes` Irish alternative rock band` Kodaline`.

During his lengthy acting career Cunningham has repeatedly been nominated for various kinds of large bonuses - and several times the premium received. Liam was exposed as a competitor for the prize of the London Film Critics Circle (London Film Critics` Circle Award) and `British Independent Film Award`; in addition, he was able to win two awards `Irish Film & Television Awards` and one prize` BAFTA`. The latter, incidentally, Liam shared with Michael Fassbender (Michael Fassbender); winning actor brought a short project `Pitch Black Heist`.

At the moment, Liam Cunningham lives in Dublin with his wife Colette (Colette) and three children - Ellen (Ellen), Liam Jr. (Liam Jr.) and Sean (Sean).

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