Levan Gabriadze

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Citizenship: Russia



Leo Gabriadze - son of the famous Georgian screenwriter Levanovich Rezo Gabriadze. Rezo Levanovich - Scripting for the famous film George Danelia "Mimino", "Kin-Dza-Dza", "Passport" and many others.

Levan Gabriadze acting debut in the movie took place in 1986 - in the cult comedy George Danelia "Kin-Dza-Dza". In this film, he played the Georgian Levan boy Gedevan, as it is called in the film, a violinist.

About his only major work in the movies the actor recalls, "I still houses a 40-inch layout pepelatsa and big sham breast foam rubber - it-etsilopp woman wore I regret that I have not pulled a bell-CAC, which nose went. . He was on the set all the time dropped, and his ring was tied tighter - then nose sick. "


In the 90 years Leo Gabriadze left Russia. He lived in the Czech Republic and France.

Currently, Leo Gabriadze - art director and director of advertising agency "Bazelevs-Production". His commercials were awarded prizes at international festivals. So in Portugal Leo Gabriadze received the "Silver" for social video "Lift" in 2000 at the International Festival of erotic advertising "LEAF" (Lisbon erotic advertising festival), and in 2002 - "Bronze fig leaves" in the TV-CINEMA contest for the movie " Juice Ya Girlfriend ".


1986 Kin-Dza-Dza