Lev Vygorskiy

Picture of Lev Vygorskiy

Date of Birth: 11/17/1896

Age: 37

Place of birth: Orsha

Citizenship: Russia


Until the second half of the 20-ies. studied the problem of the perception of art, highlighting the emotional sphere of perceiving a particular work of art, two countervailing passion, the opposite of which is removed in the catharsis, which is the basis of aesthetic reactions. In "The historical meaning of psychological crisis" has started to analyze the common problems of methodology and theory of psychology and methodology of the construction of a Marxist psychology. He was engaged in the problems of defectology in the laboratory of abnormal child psychology, he created (1925 - 1926), formulated a new theory of the abnormal child. In the last stage of his work explored the relationship of thought and speech development znacheniyv ontogenesis, egocentric speech ( "Thought and Speech", 1934). Introduced the concept of zone of proximal development. It has a significant impact on both the domestic (Leontiev, AR Luria, Zaporozhets), and global psychological thought.