Lev Georgievskiy

Picture of Lev Georgievskiy

Date of Birth: 08/28/1860

Age: 67

Citizenship: Russia


Of the nobility of Moscow Province. Son of the famous linguist and activist for public education senator AI Georgievsky. Educated in the Russian philological seminary at Leipzig University, those from which he graduated with honors and the right to teach ancient languages ??in all classes of the school (1882). On July 30, 1882 consisted of full-time teachers of ancient languages ??in St. Petersburg 1st, then the 6th gymnasiums. December 31. In 1885 he was appointed inspector of the 1st Grammar School in St. Petersburg. On Nov 3. 1887 - Director of the Imperial Nikolaev Tsarskoselskaya gymnasium. For some time he worked in the commission of the Ministry of Education to revise the curricula for gymnasium. During his pedagogical activity he was repeatedly involved the Ministry of Education as a member of various committees and meetings on the high school. In 1880 he was one of the editors of "Real Dictionary of Classical Antiquities at Lyubkeru". Together with Manstein SA published the "Illustrated collection of Greek and Roman classics with explanatory notes" (50 issues). Secretary of the Company consisted of classical philology and pedagogy. Author of several articles of pedagogical content in the "Journal of the Ministry of Public Education," which led the department "erudite literary news on classical philology." Repeatedly he published his articles on public education in the "St. Petersburg Gazette".

On 1 September. 1896 Director of the Imperial Lyceum in memory Tsarevich Nicholas (Katkovskaya) replaced VA Gringmut, who became editor of "Moscow News". During the revolution of 1905-1907 continued superintendence of the face, while, as noted in a brief biographical sketch, dedicated to St. George, "being a hot supporter of order, he was able to support him in the most difficult time for our school. Due to its hardness and hot patriotic encouragement, a class at the Lyceum did not stop even during the armed uprising in Moscow. " April 5. 1908 appointed Comrade. Minister of Education. On January 1. 1911 Privy Councillor. Conducted audit of secondary schools in the European and Asian Russia. On April 18th. 1911 - Senator.

In 1914-1916 was chairman of the created VM Purishkevich VFONO having a purpose statement "of education across Russia on the basis of native traditions of the Orthodox Church, the tsarist autocracy and Russian peoples." Repeatedly he has been brought in as a specialist in public education to the nobility of the Joint Commissions. January 1. 1917 Emperor Nicholas II appointed a member of the Government. Council to supplement the right group, but to prove themselves in the State. Council did not have time. May 1, 1917, as well as all members of the Government. Intended Council, was withdrawn from the staff, and October 25. 1917 definitively dismissed. The subsequent fate is unknown.