Lev Bruni

Picture of Lev Bruni

Age: 61

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Lev Ivanovich Bruni was born in 1950 in Moscow. Descended from a dynasty of artists Bruni - so, one of the ancestors of Leo, Fedor Bruni, was the founder of the Russian classical school of painting.

Department of Art History Faculty of Moscow State Historical Bruni graduated in 1975, then worked at the museum-estate `Kuskovo`; He was in his working life and working as a night watchman.

In the same 1975 Lev Bruni took part in the exhibition at the Moscow nonconformists ENEA.

In 1976, Bruni had left the country, and his professional journalism career started abroad. After leaving the Soviet Union, he studied in Sweden (Sweden), the Faculty of Philology at the University of Stockholm (Stockholm University). In the same period, and until 1983 he worked in Bruni Russian edition of `Radio Shvetsii`.

Next time Bruni lived in France (France), where he began a columnist in the Russian edition on the radio, it was a radio station Radio France Internationale.

The Russian Lev Bruni was back in 1992. In the mid-1990s, Bruni worked in various print media - in the political department of the Independent `gazety`, and later - in` Segodnya`, which soon became deputy editor in chief.

In 1994, Lev Bruni was one of the first signatories of Charter journalists with him were Sergei Mostovshikov and Leonid Parfyonov.

On television, Bruni appeared in the late 1990s, becoming the leading transmission and `` Day sedmoy` Big dogovor`, and in the early 2000s it was seen as a leading transmission `Black on belomu` channel` Rossiya`.

Place the chief editor of the weekly `Fetch!` Bruni was in 1999, and in the 2000s he worked as deputy chief editor of `novostey` time.

Then the place was the chief editor of the newspaper `IT-Vesti.ru`.

Deputy editor of `analytical Odnako` Bruni began in 2009, by which time their own articles Bruni increasingly focused culture.

Lev Bruni died 62 year of life, after a long illness; it happened in Moscow on 29 November 2011. Farewell ceremony with Lev Bruni scheduled for 3 December, in the church of the Intercession on the Lower Krasnoselskaya Street in Moscow.

`Lev Bruni was the personification of the journalist. He was able to prove and prove that journalism does not simply serves obschestvo`, - said Head of Department of Media Communications Bruni Higher School of Economics Anna Kachkaeva. A Forbes.ru editor Anton Trofimov considered his mentor Leo Bruni: `... Work in one version of him - in the newspaper` Segodnya` - was for me a great lesson. First of all, the lesson of critical attitude towards reality and information. And understanding that the journalist own position - not a luxury but a conscious neobhodimost`.