Lev Balitskiy

Picture of Lev Balitskiy

Date of Birth: 09/02/1886

Age: 32

Citizenship: Russia


Born in the family priest in s.Shamraevka Podolsk lips. In 1904 he graduated with honors from high school Uman received also by the testimony "of outstanding ability and diligence" pedagogical grammar school council. Had two higher education, in 1909 graduated from the Economics Faculty of the Polytechnic Institute of the Emperor Peter the Great, and then the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg University. As a student-POLYTECHNIC, became the founder and director of the Academic Union of Students in-ta, was elected chairman of the Academic Club, headed by the editor of "Vestnik of student life." I was part of a deputation of students, academics at the highest reception. In addition to active participation in the academic movement, was a prominent member Balitchi RNSMA: consisted of the drafting committee, "Russian Book of Sorrow", April 6. 1913 was elected a candidate member, and then became a member of the Grand Chamber of the Union. Balitchi was famous in St. Petersburg teacher and organizer of education. He taught in high school Russian Assembly, was a lecturer of the University, as well as the organizer and leader of a number of different training courses: the director of the Petrograd higher commercial and accounting courses, courses founder of the Law and the rural economy, the head of the All-Russian schetovodcheskimi courses Labor Union of Christian temperance and OE educational institutions.

Cheka arrested June 13, 1918 in connection with the case "Camorra People Massacres", accused of speculation (Balitchi was a confidant of Tomsk steam sausage factory), but the main thing - in the drafting of the statute "Union of Salvation of the Motherland and freedom." At the same time he was arrested and his brother publicist PA Balitchi. Although charged with drafting the charter have not been proven, as well as involvement in the preparation of the proclamation "Camorra", Balitchi was imprisoned in "Crosses". However, he chose an aggressive form of protection, literally "bombarded" with complaints and appeals of a variety of instances. In petitions addressed Uritskogo Ioselevich, Boky and others. Cheka leaders, he emphasized that the school established by their work "for the benefit and strengthening of the Soviet power," and he was still "at the royal rezhimeprinimal in the number of pupils of the Jews without any interest", for which in April. 1917 was awarded the thanksgiving address from a Jewish newspaper. At the same time he asked for protection in the general Consulate of Germany, t. To. Was married to former German citizens, as well as in the Consulate of Ukraine, recalled his Ukrainian origin (from both the consulates received requests in the Cheka). However in early September Balitskiy it was included in the taking and nearly 3 months. He is languishing in prison awaiting execution. Finally, November 21, 1918 Petrograd Cheka made a decision to release him "due to the fact that the need for a hostage now almost passed." The subsequent fate is unknown Balytsky.