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Date of Birth: 12/21/1861

Age: 61

Place of birth: Birmingham

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

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Lind was born in his parents` estate in Birmingham, England (Birmingham, England). Her father, Henry Rudge (Henry Rudge), was mednoliteyschikom manufacturer and candlesticks; mother, Raj Elizabeth (Elizabeth Rudge), for some time tried to become famous on the stage, but outside Birmingham out and failed. Much more fortunate of her daughters - they all managed to a greater or lesser degree of fame. Leticia brothers - and they she had two - following in the footsteps of his father and became mednoliteyschikami.

First time on stage Lind made in five years, playing Eve in `Hut uncle Toma` (` Uncle Tom`s Cabin`); Some time after that, she traveled on tour with writer and actor Paul Howard (Howard Paul) and his wife, an Englishwoman. The posters Lind was listed under the name `Little Letitsiya` ( `La Petite Letitia`). Out cooperation, alas, quite unpleasant outcome - Howard began an affair with Letizia, ending the birth of two illegitimate children - a boy and a girl who died in infancy.

In London Lind first performed in 1879-m, in one of the farces Paul Howard. Two years later, she broke up with Paul; how their relationship ended, it is not clear - it is known only that in 1889 Paul married Florence Kate Arthur (Florence Kate Arthur).

After parting with Paul Lind continued to speak in London (London) and provincial areas of the country; her performances - comic numbers, slapstick and pantomime - continued for more than two decades.

In December 1880 Lind first performed at the theater Gaiety - she got a supporting role in a production of Robert Buchanan (Robert Buchanan) `koroleva` the nine (` The Nine Days` Queen`).

In 1882 Letty acted Olympic Theatre and Criterion Theatre; sudbavnov later brought it to the stage it Gaiety. Most of the next year, Lind held in Her Majesty`s Theatre, in the restored version of `Journey to the Lunu` ( `Le voyage dans la lune`) Jacques Offenbach (Jacques Offenbach); then it went on for some time in the new tour of the UK.

In 1887 it started quite a long and fruitful cooperation Letty Lind and George Edvardesa (George Edwardes); they worked all the same Gaiety, on a series of burlesque. One of the most successful of its role at the time was the image of Marietta, created Lottie Collins (Lottie Collins). Collins has developed a unique style statements - the original compilation `yubochnyh` dance and cancan. It was at this time, and Lind became just incredibly popular - fans she had already had a few thousand. Skirt dancing - popularized in the 80`s of the 19th century, Kate Vaughan (Kate Vaughn) - remained popular until at least 1910; Grace Ballet in them organically merged with the rhythmic tap. Particularly difficult dances gave the need to manipulate huge - up to 12 meters - skirt; by the way, the use of skirts and made these dances so popular among the social classes that could not afford to ballet classes. Lind stood out against colleagues primarily received in due time a formal dance education, absent in the majority of her colleagues; greatly helped Leticia and its total plastic. During performances in America Lind much he surprised the critics by not trying to interest the audience a demonstration of the legs or chest.

At 41 Letty went on a holiday; his last days she spent on a farm in Slough (Slough, England). In Slough Lind died - 20 years after retirement.

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