Lester Bangs

Picture of Lester Bangs

Date of Birth: 12/13/1948

Age: 33

Place of birth: Escondido

Citizenship: United States


Leslie Conway Bangs (Leslie Conway Bangs), better known as Lester Bangs, who was born in 1948 in Escondido, California (Escondido, California). His mother, Norma (Norma), was Jehovah`s Witnesses, and a small Leicester often went along with my mother in the morning, knocking on doors and trying to convince people of the inevitable apocalypse. His father, a great lover of alcohol, died when Lester was very young. Ros Lester under the influence of the Beat movement, and was fond of underground subculture.

His first article in the journal `Rolling Stone soliciting` he published in 1969, it was very devastating nature of a review on the album` Kick Out the Jams` Detroit proto-punk band `MC5`. By the way, Bangs introduced in due time, the term `punk rok` - that is what he is most remembered today.

His articles over time became more and more professional. So, starting as a simple fan of rock music, Leicester became a subtle and sarcastic criticism of the professional, with a very narrow focus - he was interested only rock music. It is known that Bangs has been a big fan of the music of Lou Reed (Lou Reed), `Velvet Underground` and the` Stooges`.

Often, his reviews were so toxic that he was subjected to the critic more criticism. By the way, `Rolling Stone soliciting` it was eventually dismissed, accused of disrespectful attitude to the musicians. It was in 1973, and Lester moved to Detroit magazine `Creem`, where he worked for a long time.

It is known that later Bangs wrote for publications such as `The Village Voice`,` Penthouse`, `Playboy`,` New Musical Express` and several others.

Generally, those who knew Lester described it as a `smart, evil, rough and sumasshedshego`. Indeed, he was a man of extremely complicated - often clashed, scandals and very difficult compromised. At the same time, his opinion, and Bangs was really a great expert on rock music, was valued very highly, and often its review could affect the work themselves rock bands. Once Bangs even called `the greatest writer in the rock mire`.

By the way, Bangs always dreamed of being a `nastoyaschim` writer, write a big, serious novel, but as always, and was a journalist. One of the friends of Lester once said that Bangs lifetime spent my time on people who looked down on him.

And about Bangs said that he was very lonely. By their nature, he could not maintain long relationships with women - so, none of his affair did not last more than a few weeks. However, it had he and a small army of fans who have written letters to him; it was mostly provincials, and he himself wanted to be in Leicester musician friends and like-minded people.

Like his father, he struggled with his passion for alcohol, he abused and tranquilizers, which eventually cost him his life.

In April 1982 Leicester got the flu. He lived alone, his mother had died by that time. Routinely taking Darvon, Bangs felt worse, but instead see a doctor, he took another Darvon, and his heart stopped. At this time in his apartment was music of the English band `The Human League`.

By the time Lester Bangs was only 33 years.

It is known that Lester himself tried his hand at music - he played in the group `Birdland`, and in 1980 he worked with the punk rock group` Delinquents` album `Jook Savages on the Brazos`.