Leslie Howard

Picture of Leslie Howard

Date of Birth: 04/03/1893

Age: 50

Place of birth: London

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Author: Olga Dunchik

Website: Celebrities

Leslie Howard was born in the UK, in London - April 3, 1893rd year. His father was Ferdinand Steiner, and his mother - Lilian Brumberg. Leslie had younger brothers and sisters - all in the family had five children.

Leslie grew up in Vienna, after - family moved to London, where he settled. Soon Leslie`s father found a job and started to work as a stockbroker.

Howard from an early age loved theater. His hobbies were domestic productions. They Leslie was unique. Passion for future celebrity like his mother, but no father. Last - when the time came - has promoted his own son in search of work and find him a place in the bank.

Leslie worked for a bank clerk until 1914. And then - I went to the front, in the cavalry. After two years of stay on the Western Front Howard I got a nervous breakdown and was sent home.

House Leslie got married and decided to come to grips with the theater.

In 1918, the year Howard made his first appearance in one of the scenes of London and then again and again appeared on the stage the stage, at first - in supporting roles

In 1920, the year of Leslie went to the United States and is actively playing on Broadway in the next ten years. At the same time - he wrote scripts, sketches, essays, articles in magazines. He did it quite successfully - in 1927, the year, for example, one of the plays Howard was placed in one of the theaters of Broadway.

Leslie was in his late thirties, he became active in the movies (even then a sound). Directors drew excellently trained voice theater actor Leslie Howard, and - its other advantages.

In 1930, the year of the debut of the actor shot in the film, which was called the "outside." After - Leslie film career took off. Howard actively acted in films and did not stop to play in the theater. His popularity was well deserved.

Perhaps Leslie Howard glorified even more if not killed. Tragically. Airplane DC-3 "Dakota", which flew Leslie Howard, was shot down by a German fighter. It happened on June 1, 1943.

Subsequently, many fans of the talented theater and cinema actor Leslie Howard for a long time mourned the untimely loss of so.