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Date of Birth: 07/01/1931

Age: 85

Place of Birth: Boulogne-Biankur

Citizenship: France


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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With its unusual appearance, Karon applied for any non-trivial role homeless waifs in the film industry at an early stage it is rapidly gaining momentum acting career. Her talent just seem to fit on the background of her almost Eskimo appearance and growth of 1.56 meters. Whereas previously the actress with a cut eye in the Asian style, tremendous mouth and a smile from ear to ear could claim except on the role in the background, then think like a producer Arthur Freed risked his reputation by putting it into the head of the ballet `Vstrecha` 1948. Reproaches `It is similar to Eskimo!` Replaced by laudatory articles newspapers, calling Leslie `goda` opening and in one voice saying that it clearly can be traced not only ballerina dancing skills, but also the obvious acting ability, which is a sin not to take advantage of in the industry.

Caron was an actress and dancer, Reaching heights of fame in 1950, after playing in the successful musical `American in Parizhe` 51st and `Zhizhi` 58th. His warmth and charm Leslie strengthened game of dramatic projects that have expanded its success outside of musicals. One has only to remember which brought her a nomination for `Oscar` movie `or `Gabi` Corner komnatu` 1963.

Glitter Hollywood star faded in the late 1960s and 1970s, while Caron continued to live in Europe, where her talent was in demand in roles elegant mature women. Disappeared in the 1990s and early 2000s, the actress received a number of independent film roles valued at its true worth, including drama Uscherb` `1993 and` Shokolad` of 2000, and the last time declared itself in dramedii `Divorce `of 2003.

Leslie Claire Margaret Caron was born on July 1, 1931-th in Boulogne-Biankure, France.

From an early age Caron was prepared for a career of a ballerina. Her father Claude was a chemist, while her mother, Margaret, an American dancer of 10 years gave a daughter in the hands of choreographers. The Nazi occupation of France forced Leslie run into Cannes, but after the war, 16-year old woman returned home, where she began performing as a part of French company `Champs poley` Ballet, and her brilliant performance staged `Unexpected vstrecha` saw Gene Kelly - the legend of the world cinema.

Three years have passed, and with the filing of the 19-year old Gina Leslie got to sample a grand musical `An American in Parizhe`. There are legends that the main star and choreographer Gene Kelly paintings bribed the operator to Frenchwoman managed to get to the casting. Whatever it was, it did not feel like pushing elbows incompetence. By the time the young ballerina has long been known in the US magazine `Paris-match` spent her entire 14-five pages, and over her shoulders accumulated experience in execution of complex choreography, flying above the stage on a circus trapeze and even dangerous and spectacular stunts.

The first role on screen in the image of the heroine of Lisa `Americans in Parizhe` Caron was played flawlessly. Conflicting six dances, telling the complex nature of her character, and even in some kind of hallucinogenic style - `mnogolikoy` dancing girl in the mirror, each of which is accompanied by special lighting and decor, Caron led to a lucrative contract with MGM, and numerous roles in movies.

By 1956 th Caron has twice been married and from work in musicals moved toward comedic and dramatic roles, not wanting to be a dancer. Again, success! In the 1961 film `Fani` turns it into multinominanta Academy Award, and two years later convergence with` Oskarom` happening again - her nominated for playing a young single mother in the drama `Brian Forbes Corner komnata`.

Finally, in 2003, Caron will play a major role in the last joint project of director James Ivory and Ismail Merchant`s longtime partner, drama `Razvod`, becoming the on-screen mother, actress Naomi Watts. After that, not writing off themselves off completely, Caron gets to work on his memoirs, recalling itself again in 2007, when its role is seeded rape victim in the series` Law & Order. Special korpus` brings her award `Emmi`.

During his long career double, actresses and dancers, Caron was able to become a real diva drama, becoming world famous after starring in a small masterpiece `Lili`. She - the owner of `Oskara` and the prize of the British Academy, its achievements have been particularly appreciated by the jury of the Cannes Film Festival, which, thanks to the actress` For performans` charming. At the time, thousands of men went mad from her sexy French accent, so she simply banned `pravilno` learn to speak in English and kicked off her teacher of phonetics. Thanks to fantastic, sometimes even fantasmogorichnym the MGM musicals, Leslie became a kind of first actress to star status in the world of science fiction film developing.

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