Leslie Banks

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Date of Birth: 09/06/1890

Age: 62

Place of birth: Liverpool suburb

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Leslie Banks was born on June 9, 1890 in the suburbs of Liverpool (England). At all times it has attracted art. When the passion for creativity became irresistible, Leslie decided to connect their own lives to the theater. His dedication and natural talent quickly gave fruit.

For the first time Leslie Banks acted on the stage of one of British theater in 1911, the year. It was a musical performance in which aspiring actor showed himself to be quite promising.

When - during the First World War - Leslie went to serve in the British army. During hostilities Banks was seriously injured. As a result, his face remained partially paralyzed, mangled. Later, the actor used a physical defect on the scene - when he had to play a kindness, he turned to the audience part of a healthy person, but when it was necessary to show the tragedy, he used the ugly side.

After the war, Banks began to cooperate with the Birmingham theater and in a short period of time received recognition atakzhe - excellent experience.

In 1921 the actor returned to London. By the time his reputation did not leave much to be desired - Leslie was considered one of the best dramatic actors, involving theater fans might and power games.

In 1932 Leslie Banner first starred in the film

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