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Date of birth: 02.12.1981

Age: 34

Place of birth: Cape Town

Nationality: South Africa

Successful South African actress in Hollywood

Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Brandt, who currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand (Auckland, New Zealand), and Los Angeles, USA (Los Angeles, United States), starred in a series of New Zealand television series and first appeared on the international level in his career, having a role servitude Nevii girl, maid of Lucretia, in the series` Spartacus: Blood and pesok` ( `Spartacus: Blood and Sand`).

Lesley-Ann Brandt was born in Cape Town, South Africa (Cape Town, South Africa), in a family with roots colored Cape, the South African ethnic group. She is fluent in Afrikaans. The list of her interests, among other things, includes yoga, hockey, and baseball. At home Brandt performed at competitions on field hockey. In 1999, Leslie-Ann emigrated to Auckland, New Zealand, along with his parents and younger brother.

She started with the work in the retail trade in Auckland, has not yet received the position of IT-consultant company in Cape Town. Brandt was also a promo girl and the rights of models adorned promotions Austrian company `Red Bull`. After a brief modeling career Brandt appeared in several commercials NZ. In 2008, she studied acting, along with the technique of Meisner (Meisner), improvisational approach to the development of the character.

His first significant role played by Leslie-Ann in the New Zealand television series `Diplomatic Immunity`. She received an invitation to play in the soap opera Shortland-strit` `(` Shortland Street`), limited to a guest, and agree on a role in the sci-fi TV series `This Is Not My Life`.

Brandt was originally auditioned for the role of Sura, Spartacus`s wife, in the series` Spartacus: Blood and pesok`, but the casting director asked her to switch to a role Nevii. Vitoge, and she got the role of a maid Lucrezia. Brandt worked on a film set with such actors as John Hannah (John Hannah), Lucy Lawless (Lucy Lawless) and Peter Mensah (Peter Mensah), as well as with producers Rob Tapert (Rob Tapert) and Sam Raimi (Sam Raimi).

Her maid Nevii role in the TV series `Spartacus: Blood and pesok` led to the prequel of the TV project - an American history series` Spartacus: Gods areny` ( `Spartacus: Gods of the Arena`). In addition, the actress got a role in the New Zealand drama Brendan Donovan (Brendan Donovan) `The Hopes & Dreams of Gazza Snell`. This picture, taken in Houike (Howick), Auckland suburb of East, talks about racing accident victim. In another film, an American thriller `Videniya` (` InSight`) directed by Richard Gabai (Richard Gabai), Brandt played a nurse by the name of Valerie Khoury.

In May of 2010, Leslie-Anne appeared in the fantasy series` The Legend of Iskatele` ( `Legend of the Seeker`), which was produced by Tapert and her friends Mensah. In this series, she starred in the role of Sister Thea in the last episode of the second season. Brandt has also been invited to shoot an episode of `Food for razmyshleniya` series` CSI: Crime Scene Investigation New York` ( `CSI: NY`). She did not renew his contract for participation in the second season of `Spartacus: Blood and pesok` in 2011, and the role went to Nevii Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Cynthia Addai-Robinson).

After the television horror film `Apocalypse zombi` ( `Zombie Apocalypse`) of the America of the 21st century, teeming with zombies Brandt in 2012 was credited with an ensemble cast movie` A Beautiful Soul`, `Duke` and Drift`` ( `Drift` ). The Australian sports drama `Drift` Lesley-Anne has worked with the star Avatara`` ( `Avatar`), Sam Worthington (Sam Worthington).

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