Les Kyrbas

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Date of Birth: 02/25/1887

Age: 50

Place of Birth: Sambor

Citizenship: Ukraine


Born in the town of Sambor (Lviv region) in a family of actors galichanskogo theater Stepan and Wanda Kurbasovyh (behind the scenes - Yanovichi). His father, though he was a wandering Ukrainian actor, however, and in poverty Olexandr sought to give a decent education.

Kurbas studied at the Ternopil Gymnasium in Vienna and Lviv University. Even then, he dreamed of working in the Dnieper Ukraine, where there was a strong democratic Theatre Sadovsky (Kiev).

In 1916 his dream came true - he was in the theater. Kurbas organized a studio of young actors, from which grew with time Young Theatre (called "Young Theatre" appeared in the summer of 1917).

The summer of 1920 Kurbas gathered his finest actors, and called "Kiydramte" (Kiev Drama Theatre) troupe began its tour of the city of Kyiv. Kurbas made the founder a political first (1922-1926), apotom and Philosophy (1926-1933) theater in Ukraine - the theater "Berezil". On the chief artist of the theater Kurbas invited Vadim Meller, who became his friend-adherent. Kurbas and "berez

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