Les Brown

Picture of Les Brown

Date of Birth: 02/17/1945

Age: 71

Place of Birth: Miami

Citizenship: United States

Les Brown: It`s possible!

Leslie Calvin `Les` Brown born February 17, 1945, along with his twin brother, Wesley, in an abandoned building in the poor district of Miami, Florida (Miami, Florida). Subsequently, Leslie was given up for adoption. His foster mother became lonely Mamie Brown, then 38-year-old. She was responsible for the guidance of cleanliness in the cafeteria, and worked as an au pair.

Brown considered a child learning difficulties. Speaking in legal language, Leslie was seen as `a person with intellectual razvitii`. Despite the problems with self-esteem and self-confidence, the next speaker was able to reach their full potential - is largely due to the support of his adoptive mother.

His contribution to the full development of forests also introduced one of the dedicated teachers of high school, as a former politician talks a lot during many of his motivational speeches at this time.

According to numerous performances Brown initially he decided to build a career on public radio. He occasionally returned to the same radio station, where he tried to make a breakthrough, which he did not succeed. Permanent jobs Leslie has received the status of `radiotalanta` that` raskrylsya` when he had the chance to replace one of the DJs in the afternoon air.

With radio Braun smoothly moved into politics and ran for the House of Representatives from Ohio. He managed to win the elections and then to participate in the adoption of federal laws. After retiring from the legislature of Ohio politician once again radically changed its course - and went on TV. Eventually, Leslie was associated with of PBS, an American non-profit service broadcasting.

Among other things, Brown established the company `Les Brown Enterprises`, to develop his career as a motivational spikera.On performed at the Los Angeles radio station KFWB daily syndicated transmission - from 2011 to 2012-th.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Leslie received numerous local and national awards for excellence, including `Emmi` received.

Brown entered the so-called `jury zasedateley` Council, a team of professionals from the media industry, critics and journalists, which selects the head of the program` Peabody Awards`, marking the achievements of American radio and television stations, networks, online media and others. Leslie remained `zasedatelem` jury from 1982 to 1988-th.

In 1993, Brown became the leading new talk show, `The Les Brown Show`, which first aired on 6 September. The project lasted for nearly four months, after which the December 3, 1993-Guo was made a break in broadcasting. The following year, January 17, 1994, production company `King World Productions` replaced` The Les Brown Show` on the daytime talk show `Rolonda`, which led Rolonda Watts (Rolonda Watts).

Wood worked with John C. Maxwell (John C. Maxwell) and a team of American author and pastor - to provide a candid look at the life of professional speakers. The result of the overall work was the program `The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly`.

Brown married soul singer Gladys Knight (Gladys Knight) in 1995. The marriage broke up in 1997. At Woods has nine children: Calvin, Patrick, Ian, She Brown, Ted, Waist, Sumaya, Serena and John Leslie.

In 1989, Brown won the award `Council of Peers Award of Excellence` from the National Speakers Association. In 1991, he received a regional award for the program `Emmi`` You Deserve with Les Brown`.

The next year, Leslie was selected international non-profit educational organization `Toastmasters International` as one of the top five American speakers.