Leroy Kuper

Picture of Leroy Kuper

Date of Birth: 06/03/1927

Age: 77

Citizenship: United States


Gordon Cooper (the full name of Leroy Gordon Cooper) (born Leroy Gordon Cooper.) (March 6, 1927, Shawnee (Shawnee), Oklahoma - October 4, 2004, Ventura (the Ventura), California) - American astronaut.

After leaving school in 1945, Cooper joined the US Marine Corps. However, before Cooper got to the area of ??the fighting in the Pacific, World War II ended.

In 1946, Cooper left the service in the Marine Corps and went to Hawaii, where his parents had lived. Cooper enrolled in the University of Hawaii.

August 29, 1947 Cupet married Trudie Olson (Trudy B. Olson). Later, he divorced his first wife and 6 May 1972 remarried to Susan Taylor (Suzan Taylor).

In 1949, Cooper joined the US Air Force and was trained l