Leopoldo Salcedo

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Date of Birth: 03/13/1912

Age: 86

Place of birth: Cavite

Citizenship: Philippines

Rich acting palette

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

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Leopoldo Salcedo (Leopoldo Salcedo) was born in 1912 in Cavite, Philippines (Cavite, Philippines). His first childhood dream was to become a priest, but, having studied at the seminary year, Leopoldo changed his mind and went. In 1929, he joined an acting troupe Borromeo Lou (Lou Borromeo), and in the 30s has started to act in films, signing a contract with the newly formed studio in the Philippines `LVN`. The first picture of the young actor was the film `Via crucis`, where Salcedo was once a major role.

During World War II, Leopold went on to play in the movies, it also could be seen in the Avenue Theater theater scene. In addition, he was involved in guerrilla activities, for which he received a prison sentence; then helped him escape to freedom in the Philippines known politician Benigno Aquino (Benigno S. Aquino).

After the war, Leopoldo appeared in action films `Death March`,` Hindi kita malimot`, `Kamagong` and many others, became a very popular actor in his homeland.

In 1950 he founded his own production company called `Leopoldo Salcedo Productions`, which came under the sign of such films as` Dalawang Bandila` in 1950, `Talampasan` and` Highway 54` in 1953.

His most famous role the actor played in 1961, in the biographical drama Philippine director Gerardo de Leon (Gerardo de Leon); Salcedo played the main character, politics, tortured and killed, but did not give up their beliefs. The role brought Salcedo `FAMAS Award` award in the category `Best akter`. A year later, in 1962 again won the Leopoldo `FAMAS Award` for her role in the film` Madugong paghihiganti`. Later Salcedo has twice received the award - in 1976 for `Ganito kami noon ... Paano kayo ngayon` and in 1977 for `Halikan mo at magpaalam sa kahapon`?. In general, his characters often become political fighters, people with dramatic fates and advocates of justice.

Until the 80s Salcedo shot almost non-stop, most of his roles have been capitalized, as an actor, demand was extremely high. However, with the advent of the 80s his career was somewhat stalled, however, by this time he was already in Leopoldo quite a respectable age. His last work in the cinema was the film `Sakay` in 1993, where he played the father of the protagonist. It is noteworthy that at the beginning of his career, in 1939 he played in the earlier version of the same movie, but then, of course, he played the main character, not his father. During his life in the movies the actor has played more than 150 paintings. In addition, he directed 4 films and a few of them made the producer.

Leopoldo Salcedo died June 11, 1998 in Pasig City (Pasig City, Philippines). He was 86 years old, spent the last year the actor, being bedridden.

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