Leonid Kuravlev

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Date of Birth: 08/10/1936

Age: 80

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


At school, Leonid studied matter. Especially difficult for him given the exact sciences - mathematics, chemistry and physics. As recognized himself Kuravlev, it influenced the choice of profession. Sister, once jokingly told him after school to enter the Film Institute - it certainly did not have to take any of such unloved Leonid items. Leonid did so ...

However, it was not possible to do the first time Kuravleva. In 1953, his first attempt was a failure, and he found work at the Moscow gang "Optic". The next attempt took place in 1955. At this time, Leonid successfully passed the exams and became a student of acting department VGIK, where he studied on a course B.V.Bibikova.

Movies Vasily Shukshin

In the film debuted Leonid Kuravlev still a student. In 1960, he played a sailor Kamushkin in the historical-revolutionary film Michael Schweitzer `Midshipman Panin ". Parallel Kuravlev starred in the thesis work of Basil Shukshin "of swan`s report."

Vasily Shukshin and thus became the director, who, in fact, opened for the viewer Leonid Kuravleva. However, it happened a little later - in 1964. Meanwhile, in 1960, Leonid graduated from the University and was admitted to the theater-studio movie actor. Since then, he has become a lot in the movies, in the main, and in small roles. In 1961, along with Vasily Shukshin they starred in the famous melodrama "When the trees were big", where the main role played brilliantly Yury Nikulin.

And then, finally, it came in 1964, which became a turning point in Kuravleva life. This year, came just two paintings by Vasily Shukshin, and both with the participation of Leonid - "He lives a guy" and "Your son and brother."

In the movie "He lives a guy", perhaps the most sunny and cheerful picture of Vasily Shukshin Leonid Kuravlev played the protagonist - Pasha Kolokol`nikova - sweet and good guy who wants to help all around, and defeating the scourge of his humor.

This role went Kuravleva easy. Before the tests they Shukshin long and fruitful rehearsed. Shukshin Leonid played up for the other partners, all showed amazing and parodied, even women. "But it turned out - says Kuravlev - that I" beat ", and samples were absolutely no".

Arts Council Gorky Film Studio took the young actor with suspicion and recommend Shukshin look for another artist. Recommendation hudsovet amounted, in effect, orders. But Vasily Kravchuk rested and Kuravleva left.

During the filming of the picture Shukshin asked Kuravleva to its racy character a little stutter. The actor did, playing a very believable. Interestingly, when Vasily Kravchuk then handed over his picture in the State cinema, one of the officials said: "Pay attention, comrades, as the director masterfully used the natural disadvantage Kuravleva actor - his stutter!"

In another picture Shukshina - "Your son and brother" - Kuravlev played the role of Stepan Vojvodina. To some extent it was the same Pasha Kolokolnikov, but only in the dramatic version. His hero escapes from prison two months before the expiration. A few hours he spends in the home until there is a policeman ...

Kuravlev brilliantly fit into the style of Shukshin`s films, and it is not surprising that later Vasily Kravchuk constantly invited him into his paintings. For example, the role of Ivan in the film "Stove-shop" he wrote specifically for Kuravleva. However, to withdraw any Shukshina this film, nor in other Kuravleva no longer had a chance. From offers Shukshina he refused: "I already took care of that play different roles, not zashtampovyvatsya: afraid that some clip of pictures with my participation otsnimut, that, first of all, it is striking, used, and then leave in alone. " "Shukshin my failures do not take offense, he was above it."

The second half of the 60th

The next step in the creative career of Leonid Kuravleva was the role of the Shura Balaganov comedy Michael Schweitzer, "The Golden Calf" by immortal product of Ilf and Petrov. Bright, sparkling image created Kuravlevym become the unattainable benchmark by which others subsequently measured the performers. Neither Eugene Dvorzhetsky frankly failed in the film "Dreams of an idiot" or Nikita Tatarenkov in the series "The Golden Calf" could not beat Kuravleva.

Another interesting role - Khoma Brut - Leonid Kuravlev played in the film directed by Konstantin Yershov "Wii". The actor appreciates this work because, by his own admission, Nikolai Gogol is one of his favorite writers.

Among numerous other works of those years it is also worth noting the role of psychological melodrama Sorokin Vladimir Krasnopolye and Valery Uskov "Nepodsuden". This is one of the few openly negative actor roles. "But it is very important to me and I love her very much, - says Leonid Kuravlev. - Anecdotally, but after that I got a picture of a huge number of letters. Their leitmotif was the following: we have seen in the film "He lives a guy" - a charming, open person, with sense of humor, etc. - And suddenly we see as a traitor - ah, here you actually have some! And for me it was a high assessment: I was convincing in this role as a man capable of the terrible act. "

70 years

If the 60s made popular film actor Leonid Kuravleva, the 70th turned it into a mega-star of the screen. By the early 70`s annual output of 3-4 pictures with his participation. And Kuravlev played completely different roles - Robinson Crusoe in the film "The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe", the Nazi officer Eismann in the legendary TV series "Seventeen Moments of Spring," Laurus Mironavich in the film "The Last Victim" based on the play by Alexander Ostrovsky .. . As can be seen, among them were many and dramatic, but the All-Union viewers love the actor brought it comedic roles.

One of these works Kuravleva - cat burglar George Miloslavsky in the famous comedy directed by Leonid Gaidai "Ivan Vasilievich". It should be noted that this role claimed also outstanding actor Andrei Mironov, but opted Kuravleva Gaidai. And it did. Kuravlev Miloslavsky played with extraordinary ease, sweeping, not lost in a truly unique and star structure - Yuri Yakovlev, Alexander Demyanenko Natalia Selezneva Natalia Krachkovskaya Vladimir Etush, Michael Pugovkin Natalia Kustinskaya, Sergey Filippov, Savely Kramarov.

Funny moment came when recording the scene when Miloslavskii calls Shpak and represented a woman. Kuravlev could not utter the phrase female voice. Rescued actress Natalia Kustinskaya: on dubbing she uttered this phrase for it ...

Leonid Gaidai Kuravlev filmed much later, becoming, as they say, "gaydaevskim" actor. In 1975 in the comedy film almanac "There can be" (in the third, and by the way the best, or part thereof), he played the groom Volodka Zavitushkina. Kuravleva Hero as it resonates with PODKOLYOSIN Gogol and Dostoevsky Pseldonimovym, and Chekhov Aplombovym.

In the same 1975 on the screens out of the country, perhaps the most famous painting featuring Leonid Kuravleva - comedy George Danelia "Athos". The actor played a completely atypical hero. His Afonya soup, plumber by profession, takes bribes, rowdy, drinking, gets foreclosure housing department at meetings, is bored and does not know how to live, not to be bored. But it was so in love with him, and once a girl ...

Loved Athos and the audience. And how could it not to love ?! "Kalymschik and nihilists who can not plainly and nail score Valya Vanka and makes a fool honest people with charm and artistry, that did not respond to the burst of vitality could except gloomy critic, seriously concerned about the problem of" give people a positive hero "(an excerpt of their encyclopedia film Cyril and Methodius). In the first year of hire the picture has become the undisputed leader, having collected 62.2 million. Spectators.

Masterfully played by Leonid Kuravlevym role of Athos became an actor for many years the hallmark of ...

After a year on the screens out comedy country Alexander Gray, "You - I, I - you", where Leonid Kuravlev played just two opposite roles - twin brothers Sergei and Ivan Kashkina. And although at the box she took the third place, but it was, frankly, is much weaker, and "Ivan" and "Athos".

Not a few Kuravlevym been played and small, at times, quite episodic roles (endocrinologist Khachikian in "Mimino" George Garayev, Timur`s uncle in the movie "Timur and his team", etc.). However, his every appearance on the screen caused interest of the audience. The reason - is the care with which the actor has always suited to the role.

In the famous painting by Stanislav Govorukhin "Meeting Place Can not Be Changed" Kuravlev appears in a small role of a thief named Smoked, which Zheglov playing billiards. Just a few minutes of the existence of the on-screen actor masterfully creates fully finished and extremely believable way.

By the way, Kuravlev really quite well able to play billiards, and in fact, in that memorable scene, he puts it behind Vysotsky balls in the hole ...

80 - 90 years

Not a few interesting works were created on Leonid Kuravlevym screen and in the 80s. First and foremost it is worth noting his matchless duet with Sofiko Chiareuli detective comedy "Looking for a woman," directed by Alla Surikova based on the river Tom plays.

Among other notable roles in those years: Sanya in a lyrical comedy "Ladies Invite Gentlemen" Menshikov in the historical film "Demidov" Zotov in the detective "TASS is authorized to declare" Misha Woodpeckers in the comedy "The most charming and attractive", von Bork in the adventure film "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. The twentieth century begins, "The king in the fairy tale" On the porch sat with gold ... "

90 years - not the best time for domestic films. In these difficult years, the actors had to literally survive. Pictures came out a little, and those in the overwhelming majority were mediocre, if not shoddy. There were no such works and biographies of Leonid Kuravleva. "KGB Agents Also Fall in Love", "In search of the golden phallus", "Russian miracle", "Russian bill", "On Deribasovskaya good weather or on Brighton Beach Raining Again" - this is an incomplete list of paintings that are, shall we say, not added Leonid Kuravleva glory.

Against this background, a solid tastelessness role in the melodrama Leonid Kuravleva Alexei Sakharov "Mistress into Maid" on a story by Pushkin is just an outlet.

In the new century

Surprisingly, in all these years Leonid Kuravleva virtually absolutely no downtime. They were played over 200 roles - a prominent figure in demand! I am glad that modern cinema has not been spared the attention of the famous actor. He goes back to delight us with his work. However, today, the directors often see Kuravleva as various military and police chiefs. So in the popular gangster saga "Brigade", he played a general in the same rank, he appeared in the drama "The European convoy" and in the TV series "Detectives" played Colonel Criminal Investigation Lyutikova.

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