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Date of Birth: 05/02/1933

Age: 83

Place of birth: Kiev

Citizenship: Russia

The inimitable Major Tomin

Author: Andrew Puminov

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The Early Years

Leonid Kanevsky was born May 2, 1939 in Kiev. His father was a fruit vendor technologist, and his mother was a housewife. As a teenager, she studied at the Kiev Conservatory, but then she had to give up art. About to become an artist, Leonid, was not the question. Father loved his profession and wanted his son to continue his work.

But the guy had other plans. He firmly decided to enter the theater, so after graduation went to Moscow. But to become an actor it was not so simple. In the Moscow Art Theater, Leonid said that he had no such invoice. Something like that he heard and Schepkinskom school. Finally, Kanevsky went to College. Shchukin, and luck smiled at him.

Leonid enrolled in Vera Konstantinovna Lvova course where he learned the basics of acting together with Andrei Mironov, Olga Yakovleva and Vasily Livanov. He trained such famous teachers as Cecilia Mansurov and Vladimir Schlesinger. After graduating from college Kanevsky was admitted to the Moscow Theatre. Lenin Komsomol, where he worked for 7 years. In 1967 he began to play at the Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya.

`The investigation leading znatoki`

Leonid Kanevsky first appeared on screen in the role of head shop in the film `Forty minutes before rassveta` (1963). For several years, he appeared only in small roles, of which the most famous was the role of a smuggler in the film `ruka` Diamond (1968). He came up with the text and the image of his hero and, surprisingly, the role was very memorable. It was the first great success of the young actor.

For `Diamond rukoy` followed by several small roles: Mr. Andreas in` Karatele` (1968), a radio operator in the `Red palatke` (1969), director in` Pohischenii` (1969). And so, in 1970, Leonid Kanevsky invited to the shooting of the television series `The investigation leading znatoki`. Directors entrusted him with the title role of Major Tomin - inspector of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department.

The first series of the movie came out in 1971 and received huge popularity. His successful television series was obliged detective twisted plot and charming characters: Tomin, Znamenskaya (Georgy Martynyuk) and Kibrit (Elsa Lezhdey). Two decades audience followed the investigations of experts, each time looking forward to the release of the next series. It was a really popular movie.

With no less interest for the experts followed the law enforcement agencies. None celebration of Police Day does not pass without speaking Kanev and his colleagues on the series. According to the actor, they passed like a baton. Everyone knew that likes to warm up Kanevsky, Martynyuk and adores dumplings. And no matter what police station they come - everywhere were waiting room, and a table. According to the actor, it provided smart tricks.

The huge popularity of the experts confirm such case. Once in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in the hotel where the artists lived, have detained a well-known thief. When he found out who lived near him, angry that he could not use his ability. Asked the police about why steal from the poor performers, he said that in such a case would be in prison a great authority. After all, he was able to outsmart Fanciers themselves!

Despite the fact that the Kanev always taken for Tomina, he did not become an actor in one role. He was invited to star in other movies, and were happy on the stage in the theater. It is noteworthy that Major Tomin was almost the only positive hero Kanev. As a rule, the actor playing typical characters. He could easily transform into thieves, hooligans and thugs.

Israel - Russian

Life Leonid Kanevsky has changed dramatically in the early 90s. Theatres and cinemas fell into disrepair, and many actors out of work. According to Kanev, people are thinking about how to survive, so art became unclaimed. At this difficult time for all other Leonid Yevgeny Arye had the idea to organize a Russian-language theater in Israel.

So in 1991, Kanev was in Tel Aviv, where, together with Arie founded the theater `Gesher`. At first it was very difficult, but with time, things went well. The theater gained great popularity and become profitable. On the scene has been played a lot of great performances: `Three sestry`, Rab`` `The thing Dreyfusa`, Derevushka`` `Shosha`. For many actors of the theater became a real home.

Also playing on stage Leonid Kanevsky worked on television and starred in the movie. Once in Israel, opened a Russian TV channel, he was invited to transmit `I want all sest`. Radovan actor and for his roles in the movies. During his stay in Tel Aviv he played in such motion pictures as `latecomer svadba`` Jewish mest`, `Electric chelovek`.

In 2001, Leonid Kanevsky received a call from Moscow. The capital`s producers decided to continue filming the series `The investigation leading znatoki`. First, the actor does not believe it, but when I called back, it turned out that it was true. After reading the script, he immediately agreed to take part in the film. In the new TV series, which went on the Russian channels in 2002-2003, together with Martynyuk, and Kanevsky played for the young actors. Instead Elsa Lezhdey performed the role of an expert Lidia Velezheva.

According to Kanev, the film turned out good, but the main thing - it was very nice to play Tomina. The actor seemed plunged into the past, when there were endless recording and touring. In 2006, the channel `NTV` out the first series of documentary film` `The investigation is conducted ... where Kanevsky talks about the most resonant crimes of the Soviet era. The success of this film was overwhelming, so the producers decided to continue it. To date, several hundred shot series.

In difficult moments Leonid Kanevsky supports family - his wife Anna and daughter Natalia. With Anna Berezina - daughter of actor Yefim Berezin, who played the famous plugs - introduced by Leonid Kanevsky brother Alexander, who wrote for the duo `Plug and Tarapunka` scenario. Since then, they were inseparable. Their daughter, Natasha lives and works in Israel.

Leonid Kanevsky back in the ranks and throw a movie is not going to. Maybe the audience did not again see on their screens the famous Major Tomin.

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