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Date of Birth: 06/05/1963

Age: 53

Place of birth: Kursk

Citizenship: Russia

Gromozeka, which carries?

As a child, Leonid Gromov literally torn between two passions - the scene, and a skating rink. After GITIS, he was named the best young actor in Moscow, and among the many characters presented to them on the screen, the best, according to domestic and foreign critics, was the role of a taxi driver Moserova in the psychological drama `Gromozeka`.

Leonid was born May 6, 1963 in Kursk. It could not be classified as a quiet and well-bred children - from school Leonid often returned with bruises and even scars, traces of which survived the actor so far. He was keen on all mobile sports, especially skating, and in winter, all the free time spent on the ice. The creative nature and irrepressible energy of the boy led him to the Kursk drama school `Rovesnik`, led by Ivan Selivanov. Grateful memory of his first mentor, the famous actor keeps still. Selivanov saw `God iskru` in naughty boy and literally force him led away from the rink Kursk Park Pioneers in rehearsal, and in high school, Leonid Gromov realized that his true calling - this scene.

In 1980, after receiving the certificate, he has not hesitated to say about his decision to study in Moscow - Studio Theatre at that time was on the verge of collapse, and the head of all the forces trying to save his team. However Selivanov strongly held the Leonid in his decision and stated firmly that he believes the future success of DM.

Entrance exams in GITIS Leonid successfully overcome the first attempt and was enrolled in the course of O. Remez. He passionately immersed himself in the study of the subtleties of acting craft, and free time devoted courting his charming classmate Tatiana Augshkap, a descendant of the Moscow theater family.

In 1984, after graduation, Leonid entered the troupe Lenkom.

In 1986 Gromov recognized as the best young actor of the capital, but this time the focus of the future plans, he began to give a movie.

Film debut of the young actor took place immediately after the release of GITIS students who, according to the rules for participation in the shooting threatened expulsion. The first appearance of Leonid Gromov on the screen was an episode in the melodrama `` shkolnoy` Almost rovesniki` (1984). Behind him followed by a small role as a student in the famous film `The man with the akkordeonom` (1985). Very expressive image of the actor turned fisherman from the famous movie `Kill drakona` (1988), in which he played a set with stars such as Alexander Abdulov, Oleg Yankovsky, Yevgeny Leonov and other celebrities.

The talent of the actor and improving his professional skills attracted the attention of filmmakers and Leonid left the Lenkom, occasionally appearing on stage in productions antrepriznyh Tatiana Vasilieva. Basically Gromov had to play specific characters vtorogoplana - witch in `Dungeon vedm` (1990), a police lieutenant in `Poor Sashe` (1997), a taxi driver in the` Love in Russian 3` etc. The most unusual was for Gromov`s role as one of the homeless slaves in the low-budget film Elena Tsyplakova `ray` Reed (1989), which received an award at the International Film Festival in San Sebastian.

The new millennium was the beginning of a creative and takeoff Leonid Gromov. His type mature enough and wise human life has become very popular among filmmakers and the proposals to participate in the auditions literally there was no release. After the heroes of the second plan in such famous series as `Turetskogo` Marsh (2001),` tayny` Family (2001), `Syschiki` (2001),` Antikiller` (2002), the actor began to offer and the leading roles. In the series` sudby` Lines (2003), he played one of the central characters, Sergei Rudenko, it was followed by Vasily Palenin comedy `Goodbye, Dr. Freyd` (2004), directed by Kalistratov in` His alien zhizni` (2004).

For the year, Leonid Gromov took part in several projects, and each time his screen image attracted the attention of viewers. Among the most notable works of Leonid Gromov this period, it should be noted businessman Kukina in `Personal life Dr. Selivanovoy` (2007), a friend of the main character in the movie` Brake put` (2007), General Ryabchenko in the miniseries `Death to Spies-2 `(2008 ).

Particular attention is drawn film critics` Gromozeka` (2010), rasskazyvayuschiyo difficult fate of members of the school band, called their abbreviated names in common with the name of the famous cartoon character, a phrase from which `How do I unlucky in zhizni` becomes a refrain to the fate of the heroes of the film. For her performance as a taxi driver Moserova, all the forces trying to ward off his only daughter from the porn actress career, Leonid Gromov was awarded the prize at the IV International Festival of `East-Zapad` and at the XIX Festival of the Russian cinema in France.

Apart heroes Leonid Gromov list is also SHUISKI in the film-drama `Boris Godunov` (2011), which carries the historical action of the play Pushkin today. Many viewers of approving responses triggered execution of Leonid Gromov role of chief Uncle Kolya train in the comedy series `Vosmidesyatye` (2012). The last major work was the famous actor Colonel Kireyev in the series `Stanitsa` (2013), which is based on the real tragic events that occurred in the village Kushchevskaya. In addition, the actor takes part in the TV show `third mirovaya`,` Chief politsii` and others. This demand Leonid Gromov suggests that, unlike the on-screen Gromozeka, he was lucky in life.

As for the actor`s personal life, his marriage with Tatiana Augshkap not stand the test of time. Their son Ivan, who was born in 1989, works in the theater on Malaya Bronnaya and successfully acted in films and serials.

Author: Andrew Puminov

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