Leonid Gozman

Picture of Leonid Gozman

Date of Birth: 07/13/1950

Age: 66

Citizenship: Russia


Born July 13, 1950 in Leningrad.

In 1976 he graduated from the Faculty of Psychology (Department of Social Psychology). PhD. Thesis defended in 1983

He was head of the laboratory of Moscow State University of Political Psychology.

Since 1989 - a member of the club "Moscow Tribune".

In 1992 he was a founder of LLP "Center for Psychological and Sociological Research" (TSPSI).

In 1992, he met with Yegor Gaidar. Since 1993 - member of the movement "Russia`s Choice" (BP). Since June 1994 - the member of the party "Democratic Choice of Russia" (DDA), a member of the Board of the DDA. Repeatedly participated in various election campaigns DDA. He has held the post of chairman of the party committee DDA on political work.

From January to June 1993 - a professor of psychology and Russian studies at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, United States.

From July to September 1993 - Woodrow Wilson International Center in Washington researcher.

In 1993, he met with Anatoly Chubais. Chubais was an advisor when he held the post of first deputy chairman of the Russian government.

The summer of 1995 participated in the organization of the electoral bloc "Democratic Choice of Russia - United democrats" (FER-ML).

In December 1995, he ran for the State Duma deputies on IO Istra (Moscow region) from the DDA-money laundering unit. It was included in the list of candidates for Moscow and the Moscow area, recommended by the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" (MK 14 December 1995). In the elections took fifth place out of 22 candidates, gaining 5.32% of the vote (the deputy of the district became a member of the Communist Party Dmitry Krasnikov).

In January 1999 he was appointed advisor to the Chairman of the Board of RAO "UES of Russia" Anatoly Chubais, and then - a representative of RAO "UES of Russia" to work with the authorities and public organizations.

In August 1999, the first deputy chief of staff of the electoral bloc "Union of Right Forces" (SPS).

May 20, 2000 at the Unity-founding congress of All-Russian political public organization "Union of Right Forces" was elected a member of the Coordination Council of the Union of Right Forces Movement "Young Russia" (leader of the movement - Boris Nemtsov).

Since May 2000 to June 2001 - Member of the Board of Directors of OJSC "Khabarovsk Energo".

From May 2000 to May 2002 - Member of the Board of Directors of JSC "Lenenergo".

Since June 2000 - Member of the Management Board of RAO "UES of Russia".

October 6, 2000 was elected to the JSC "Dal`energo `Board of Directors.

At the founding congress of the party in May 2001, he was elected a member of the political council of the Union of Right Forces. Since June 21, 2001 - member of the software and the ideological commission of political council of the DDA. Chairman of the "creative council" under the PCA.

In spring 2003, the members of SPS Creative Council, headed by Gozman issued a letter, which stated their disagreement with the policy of Boris Nemtsov, who was named by them "totalitarian." In the same letter, the idea of ??the need to return more control over the party Chubais ( "Newspaper", 5 May 2003) was suggested.

July 31, 2003 was set up interregional public movement "Yabloko without Yavlinsky", the establishment of which the deputy chairman of "Yabloko" Sergei Mitrokhin called "banal action" black PR ", stating that" the event the customer is personally Anatoly Chubais and RAO "UES", and engaged these gentlemen Gozman and Trapeznikov. "(Rosbalt, August 1, 2003). August 21, 2003 L.Gozman announced that RAO lawyers intend to sue the party" Yabloko "and perhaps personally Mitrokhin. The latter, according to Gozman, slandered . RAO UES ( "Let served, I am looking forward to make the process a century of RAO UES and show what is involved in fraud." - Mitrokhin said, "Kommersant", 22 August 2003).

In January 2004, he was re-elected as a member of the federal political council of SPS.

Since February 2004 - Secretary of the SPS federal political council on ideology.

In April 2004, he expressed confidence that the PCA can be elected to the State Duma in 2007. At the same time said that the aim of the party is not 8% and 20%, which is necessary to unite the liberal electorate. (Newspaper, April 8, 2005)

April 22, 2005 a meeting of the presidium of the federal political council of SPS, which was decided on the nomination for the post of party leader Nikita Belykh, and the post of his deputy - Gozman. Congress was appointed to the May 28, 2005 (Gazeta.ru, 22 April 2005).

May 13, 2005 stated that the chances for the establishment of a unified Democratic Party is small and that the SPS finds it necessary to negotiate primarily on the principles of the formation of a united democratic list, which can be created either on the basis of the SPS, either on the basis of "Apple". The rest of the Democratic Party, in his opinion, will not be able to reach the statutory minimum of 50 thousand members. He said that it is important to create a democratic faction in the State Duma, after which the different democratic and liberal parties can once again "to separate the sides." (Zaks.ru, 13 May 2005).

May 24, 2005 Secretary of the Presidium of the Federal Political Council of the ATP Ivan Starikov said that the main issue of the SPS congress, it is relevant to the current government: "If the right to the congress elect Gozman and White, the PCA will be pocket opposition in exchange for the promise of power" to draw "us 7% . the parliamentary elections in 2007. We have now become indistinguishable from the "United Russia" According to Starikov, White "covered" Gozman, who - Chubais, who "has been and remains the leader of the right":. "the Kremlin is ready to give Chubais to accomplish the reform energy complex. One condition: the ATP will cease to criticize the government. I respect Chubais, but in this situation he must either leave the SPS, either to leave RAW and stand at the head of the party. "(" Kommersant ", 25 May 2005) In response to Gozman he said." I have nothing with the Kremlin not zvyazan. And we lost in the last election not because our interest is not "painted", but because it worked badly. We work well and then win. "(" Kommersant ", 25 May 2005).

May 28, 2005 White was elected chairman of the political council of the ATP Gozman - his deputy ( "for" - 156, against "- 46) Chubais, speaking at the congress, said." Who is trying to break a bunch of White-Gozman, trying to break our party "( RIA Novosti, 28 May 2005). An alternative pair of candidates were Starikov and Maxim Geiko.

In autumn 2005, he was opposed to creating a block with Apple on an "Apple" (in the Moscow City Duma elections). On the night of September 10, 2005 after completing a five-hour discussion at the conference of ATP Moscow branch, its head Eduard Vorobyov announced that "an absolute majority was decided to form a united list with" Apple "in the elections to the Moscow City Duma December 4, 2005 (" Kommersant " September 12, 2005). However, the September 10, 2005 L.Gozman said the decision of city conference was of a recommendatory nature. The party leadership in January 2005 considered that the campaign for elections to the Moscow city Duma on the importance to be no different from the all-Russian, so all solutions Congress should take, not the city of the conference. the Congress, as assumed Gozman, did not have to approve the initiative of the Moscow organization. ( "Kommersant" on September 12, 2005).

The most reasonable, according to Gozman, in such a situation would block the two parties. And since the units were banned, they had to form a single list, but not the way I wanted the Moscow branch. Such a list, according to Gozman, would be a failure because of it have turned staunch supporters of both parties. Therefore, it was impossible to prevent the dissolution of either the PCA in the "Apple" or "Apple" in the ATP list. And to avoid this, the conviction Gozman, one could only "cast lots" and to determine under which of the two brands to create a list. The draw should have been publicly with the greatest possible media coverage. Only in this way, he believed Democrats could explain to the people that the list under the name of one party "forced necessity" dictated "draconian" electoral law. ( "Kommersant" on September 12, 2005).

September 21, 2005 Conference of ATP Moscow branch confirmed that the city right ready to go to the Moscow City Duma elections under the brand name "Apple." Gozman said: "We can not explain all the voters, that is a single list of Democrats ... In Moscow, and in Russia, everybody will know that there are" Apple "and the PCA no ... I do not know in the Russian organization less efficient and more affected intrigues and petty fuss than the organization of the ATP in Moscow. I do not know your organization is worse. " ( "Kommersant", 22 September 2005).

September 24, 2005 SPS Congress supported the decision of the Moscow organization. On the same day the White Gozman and were re-elected Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the political council of the Union of Right Forces. In the secret ballot for the candidates of the two party leaders who were in tandem, from 135 "for" 123 voted "against" - 12, there were no abstentions.

It is considered the most consistent Chubais conductor lines in the strategy and tactics of the PCA. SPS transition enemy in opposition, said the executive lesser evil ( "Although we are against the operation" Successor "I personally will vote for a reasonable person of authority, if a competitor is one of the candidates like Rogozin", "Vedomosti", 30.06.2006 ).