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No room for error

Captain Bolotov was given the task: to provide full security to the Red Square Victory Parade June 24, 1945. The term was given - a week. And checked the building, and every stone and flagpoles banners.

The work was conducted in secrecy mode. However, in this mode, he worked all four years of war. And even 30 years later. He was at the time were not allowed to even journalistic voucher to go to Paris, "You know too much."

... Student of the Leningrad Mining Institute Leonid Bolotov June 26, 1941 he defended his diploma on "Geological studies Kuandinskogo options in the area of ??Lake Lerindikan Kuandinskie-gap". The subject was directly related to the exploration works on the track of the future of the BAM. But the diploma it will receive only the 49th, and then - the recruitment office, train, Moscow.

As a geologist familiar with blasting operations, it has been defined in a separate motorized rifle brigade of special purpose - OMSBON NKVD. Its task - conducting intelligence operations against Germany and its satellites, the organization of guerrilla warfare, the creation of a network of agents in the territories that were under German occupation, special programs management.

One of these special programs was mining Moscow.

- The whole town was mined, - says Leonid Alexandrovich Bolotov today. - In my opinion, not only been touched cottage Stalina.Osoboe attention was given to those buildings, where presumably could stay in command of the German troops, though they still signed in Moscow. And I myself mined Elektrozavod, although he continued to work. He knew about our operation only plant manager. Explosives took 20 thousand kilos! Then perform "reverse" operation - cleared ...

- But if the slightest mistake ...

- And we did not have room for error. And we have not done.

Yes, sapper Bolotov did not make any mistakes. Neither then, in Moscow or then - in Stalingrad, Tula, Kiev. He taught to play it safe: in Gorky prepared the explosives-partisan, which then was thrown into the enemy rear.

By the way, with OMSBON associated with the names of the legendary KGB NI Kuznetsova and DN Medvedev. And the names of many famous athletes: athletes Znamensky Brothers, skier Lyubov Kulakova, boxer Nikolai Korolev and Sergey Shcherbakov ...

Name Leonid Bolotov in the list of "known" is not listed, although Homeland and paid tribute to the man who had no room for error: the Order "Red Star", Order of the Patriotic War, 2 nd degree, 16 medals. But that coin, that he would get there. It simply does not exist - Medal for a victory at the Kursk Bulge. That`s why a medal for the city of Budapest is, and is not for the Kursk Bulge. He believes it is unfair, what day, emboldened, Luzhkov wrote. The answer, however, is not received.

How not to wait for the promised and repairs. Five years ago, Moscow authorities have promised to all the participants of the parade in honor of the 50th anniversary of Victory repaired by the city public spaces.

But he is not complaining, no, no, no way! It is about this and did not say a word. His wife, Seraphim losifovna also Frontovichka, a 32-year stint child radiologist, now bedridden seriously ill people. But she did not complain.

Leonid Alexandrovich Bolotov, candidate of geological-mineralogical sciences, worked smoothly up to 80 years. Two years ago, the magazine "ores and metals" has devoted a whole page of its anniversary. On War - three lines. All the rest of what at the time was not accepted to talk too.

LA Bolotov was at the forefront of the nuclear industry of the USSR. With his direct participation and explored Manybayskoe Dzhilskoe uranium deposits. He developed a technique testing uranium deposits and ore dumps of mining enterprises, containing radioactive elements.

Since the beginning of the 50s LA Bolotov as the scientific secretary of the Commission on reserves of precious metals and the USSR Interior Ministry official expert GKZ USSR supervised the preparation methods of precious metal reserves, approved by 105 of the largest deposits of gold (Berezovsky Darasunsky, Taseevskoye, Keys, Maracay and others.).

Since 1974, LA Bolotov worked on geological and economic evaluation of solid mineral resources of the World Ocean, prepared a set of documents that allowed the Soviet Union and then Russia to obtain land in the rich iron-manganese deposit in the Pacific Ocean ...

Yes, you can in some way after such a track record to understand the one who said, "You know too much." Although the ban on a tourist trip to Paris is still no more than shovels excessive vigilance. After all, he traveled on a business trip halfway around the world: Vietnam, China, Korea, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Albania, Bulgaria, Afghanistan.

... Back in the 40 th year in the north, in the expedition, he froze in a haystack. He was then at some point it became warm, very good, but falls asleep suddenly pierced the consciousness of recollection: the teacher in the second grade read a story about a boy who froze to death. Tom boy, too, was at some point the heat well, and he fell asleep. And I never woke up.

And then he woke up. But la Gherea still not reached - the forces were no longer fell. Even he could not scream. He was saved by a dog, mongrel, pribludy to geologists (he always treated her with candy).

This episode, he remembered the first, when almost at the door said: "I am very very happy man.!" And even he closed his eyes and shook his gray head ...