Leonid Bobrov

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Citizenship: Russia


Noble received a law degree, worked as a barrister in Moscow. He was among the organizers of one of the first monarchical unions - PPR, a member of the Union of Russian People (STG). December 14. 1905 SRL in the delegation was introduced to the Emperor, while the Supreme reception made a short speech. Participant 1-Russia Congress of Russian People in St. Petersburg, 8-12 February. 1906 (All-Russian Congress of Russian Assembly). At the 2nd All-Russian Congress of Russian People in Moscow on April 6-12. 1906 - Secretary of the Congress and Chairman of the National Division. The delegate of the 3rd All-Russian Congress of Russian People in Kiev, October 1-7. 1906 (All-Russian Congress of the People of the Earth Russian) by PPR, the Congress was a member of the Commission on the question of the electoral law. At the 4th All-Russian Congress of Russian People in Moscow on April 26. - May 1, 1907 (All-Russian Congress of the United Russian People) made a report "The new way to solve the Jewish question."

In 1909, Comrade. Chairman of the Moscow provincial capital NRC Council, a member of the Yaroslavl meeting (third private meeting of the Union of Russian People department in Yaroslavl on 8-10 March 1909), where he performed on that NRC should take if Russia is involved in the war, was a member of The organizational meeting of the Commission. At this time, Kostroma NRC departments elected him an honorary member. Bobrovprinimal also participated in the Russian Monarchist Union activities (PMC). However, in 1910 he spoke out against the leader of the management methods of the PMC prot. II Vostorgov and was expelled from the Soviet Union.

During the split in the NRC supported NE Markov. He moved from Moscow to St. Petersburg, from 1910 an active member of the NRC "Renovationist" staff member authorized by the General Council. On December. 1911 a candidate member of the Main Board of the NRC. Bobrov was also a member of the Russian Assembly (PC), in January. 1912 was among the signers of the letter in which condemns the actions of supporters of AI Dubrovin (BV Nikolsky NN Zhedenova et al.), And resigned members of the Board suggested PC to remain in their places. January 23. In 1912 at the first meeting of the Council of monarchical Ustroitelnogo Congresses Bobrov was co-opted into its structure, becoming a member of the administrative discharge (Commission). He was engaged in preparation and was a member of Congress supporters Markov (4-th All-Russian Congress of the Union of Russian People in St. Petersburg on May 14-16, 1912) and the 5th All-Russian Congress of Russian People in St. Petersburg, 16-20 May 1912, he was elected one of the four secretaries of both conventions. In the Congress he participated as deputy chairman of the Moscow metropolitan NRC Council. In November. 1914 re-elected for a new three-year period a candidate member of the Main Board of the NRC. He participated in the meeting of the Petrograd (monarchists Meeting 21-23 Nov. 1915 Petrograd), where he was elected one of the five secretaries of the Meeting, in which as become a member of the Monarchist Congresses. He was also a member of the Nizhny Novgorod Meeting (All-Russian monarchist meeting in Nizhny Novgorod right organizations authorized 26-29 Nov. 1915) as authorized by the General Board of the NRC.

After the revolution, remained in Petrograd, he lived with a minor daughter in poverty. In a private letter to a friend he complained that they can not afford to buy her daughter even an apple. Then he was able to obtain a position as head of the statistics department of the Kazan (Petrograd center) regional food council and clerk in the joint-stock company suburban real estate. May 21, 1918 Bobrov was arrested in the workplace, and on the same day a search was made in his apartment. The reason for the arrest was the proclamation "Camorra People`s massacre", which he received from the author of the artist T. L. Zlotnikov. At the first interrogation he admitted: "Before the abdication of the Emperor from the throne, I was a monarchist, but after the abdication of the party has lost its meaning, and I was nonpartisan and recently stopped completely to work, that is in the political arena to feel useless..," But did not name any one name. He was put in crosses in odinochnuyukameru. Although Zlotnikov showed that Bobrov did not involved in the production and dissemination of proclamation "Camorra People`s massacre", he remained in custody. The point, apparently, that among the seized during a search of papers were documents that could alert the security officers: the program "Union of Salvation of the Motherland" (though quite liberal in spirit Octo - monarchy plus national representation - but still monarchist organization ); drafts oath monarchist, begins with the words "I promise and swear by Almighty God and his word of honor to promote all his might restore and strengthen the monarchy in Russia