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Date of Birth: 03/13/1926

Age: 66

Place of birth: Brooklyn

Citizenship: Italy

acting career wrestler

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Lenny Montana (Lenny Montana, real name - Leonardo Passofaro) was born in 1926 in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, New York City), USA, in a family with Italian roots. Tall and athletic (Lenny growth - 1.98), he started out as a professional wrestler; We knew him under the name Kid Zebra (Zebra Kid). In addition, he is known by the nickname and Lenny `Byk` Montana (Lenny` The Bull` Montana).

wrestler`s career was, though not too long, but quite successful - in the spring of 1953, he was paired with a wrestler named Golden Terror (Golden Terror) won the New Jersey Tag Team, and soon became the champion of NWA Central States Heavyweight Championship. However, he lost the title at the end of 1953; In general, his last success as a wrestler, he celebrated in 1956, winning the NWA Texas Tag Team Championship. At the same time, along with performances at restlerskih rings, Lenny moonlighting as a bouncer in bars and clubs.

During the 60`s Lenny continued to fight - it could be seen under the same name Zebra Kid in the NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship (Georgia version) in 1962; He continued to fight in a pair with a wrestler by the name of Tarzan Tyler (Tarzan Tyler), with whom he won three league titles in NWA championships. Lenny partners around the ring at different times were such wrestlers as Gypsy Joe (Gypsy Joe), Gene Kiniski (Gene Kiniski), Kristy Joe (Joe Christie) and the already mentioned Tarzan Tyler.

By the end of the 60s his Conquest activity decreased, and in the early 70-ies started another career wrestler - actor.

Its colorful appearance and more than impressive physique perfectly fit into the criminal saga tells the story of a New York Sicilian mafia semeKorleone, `otets` Godfather (The Godfather) Francis Ford Coppola (Francis Ford Coppola). He played in the film Bodyguard, the best fighter of Don Vito, Luca Brasi (Luca Brasi). It is known that Lenny Montana so thrilled at the sight of Marlon Brando (Marlon Brando) during the filming of that confused the text several times. Coppola liked it quite natural nervousness, and he put in a movie scene straight from a confused text.

After this role with his size Lenny noticed several filmmakers, and he soon began to receive offers of roles. During the 70s, he appeared in several TV projects - series `Poisk` (Search),` Kodzhak` (Kojak), and repeated his role in the TV version of the Mafia bodyguard criminal gangster saga - `The Godfather: Novella for televideniya` (The Godfather: A Novel for Television).

In the late 70`s Montana participated in the shooting of full-screen pictures of `Paltsy` (Fingers),` Pridurok` (The Jerk), `Sem` (Seven) and several others. Then he appeared in 80 films `Fight in Battle Krik` (The Big Brawl),` California kukolki` (... All the Marbles) and `Hell kromeshnyy` (Pandemonium). Almost all the pictures with Lenny turned out action comedy, and his role was enough profile because of its more than colorful appearance.

Lenny`s last work before the camera began in 1982 thriller `Blood Song`, in which he also acted and as a producer. In general, the filmography of actor Montana has a little more than 20 film and telekartin.

Lenny Montana lived to be 66 years old and died May 12, 1992 of a heart attack. Prizoshlo it Vierri, Italy (Vierri, Italy), where he was living at the time; his surviving spouse and their four children.

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