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Birthday : 09.05.1947 year

Age: 68 years

Place of Birth : Lubbock, TXUSA

Citizenship : SShA

Originalnoe name: Carl Norman Odam

Original name: Norman Carl Odam


American musician, who is believed to have been in the 60`s one of the pioneers of the genre of rock music, who later became popular as psychobilly. Some researchers believe that the Legendary Stardust Cowboy was a musician, experimenter ,while others consider it a serious performer.

Norman Carl Odam was born September 5, 1947 in Lubbock, Texas (Lubbock, Texas), and his childhood was interested in the subject of space flight. Quite a toddler - preschooler he was long considered the moon and said to myself that one day people will fly to the moon. As a teenager ,he added to the fascination of space interest in the history of the American West, and thus was born his nickname. The fact that short abbreviations to his nickname - LSD Cowboy, - the same name as the famous drug, it is not confused. The musician has always maintained that it was a random coincidence - he coined himself a name in 1961 ,when LSD has not yet enjoyed no fame.

In school Odam became interested in music, because I thought that it will add to his popularity and impress the girls. Inspired by the example of guitarist Chet Atkins (Chet Atkins), he learned to play the guitar and the bugle. After school, while Norman was in college ,hoping to become a specialist in the field of electronics.

In college, Norman had the idea to write a ` wild song that will conquer all and kazhdogo`. The result was the song `Paralyzed`, which he performed at local talent contest. He wrote `Paralyzed` in 1968 in his spare time at the studio in Fort Worth, Texas (Fort Worth, Texas),playing on a good acoustic guitar with a metal resonator and hearth, while the T-Bone Burnett (T-Bone Burnett) sat on the drums. On the track heard unintelligible grunt, growl, and other similar onomatopoeia, frantic drum rolls Burnett and yelling, which is guessed name of the song, `Paralyzed!`.The words to the song changes with each performance and sometimes even appeared quite clear. The idea of this strange song and its name is linked to the author`s mind with the way would sound to other people with paralyzed vocal apparatus, for example, has lost the ability to speak after a stroke, he tried to sing or scream. Some recorded versions of the songs can be heard quite clearly how Odam shouting `left me paralyzed` (` paralizovannym` leave me).

First odes on his own label `Psycho-Suave` were printed 500 copies of the single and the song has achieved a local popularity, it drew the attention of a major label ` Mercury Records`, and finally ,she came to the hits `Billboard Top 200`.

Thanks to `Paralyzed`, Odam appeared on NBC, in a comedy program ` Rowan and Martin`s Laugh-in`, dressed in his trademark suit - reindeer jacket, boots with spurs and a broad-brimmed cowboy hat. He sang `Paralyzed` and composition on the second side of the single ,` Who`s Knocking On My Door`.During the second song of the actors `Rowan and Martin`s Laugh-in` began jumping and jumping around, clowning, and the Legendary Stardust Cowboy, very angry, fled from the shooting.

Odamu invited to play in other programs, but they were canceled due to the strike of musicians ,which for a time put an end to the shooting of the show broadcasted efie. When the strike ended, it ` slavy` 15 minutes have expired. The historian Rob Weiner (Rob Weiner) from Texas Tech University (Texas Tech University) called musical career odes otchayaniya` ` product, the result of the fact that ` there is nothing in Lubbock zanyatsya`. `Paralyzed`, Meanwhile, appeared on several compilations and too often got in the list of ` worst record at svete`.

Odam continued to record with some interruptions and released after `Paralyzed` several singles and albums. The cover of his song `I Took a Trip on a Gemini Spaceship` recorded by none other in 2002, David Bowie (David Bowie),Cowboy fan, in his album `Heathen`. Odam returned the compliment by writing his version of `Space Oddity`. Bowie, by the way, called the hero of his concept album `The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars` Ziggy Stardust (Ziggy Stardust) in honor of Norman odes.

After 80-x odes about the fate of the documentary `Cotton Pickin` Smash was filmed ! The Story of the Legendary Stardust Cowboy`, which was never released on CD or DVD, although sometimes he is shown on a non-profit art festivals.

Currently Odam Norman lives in San Jose, California (San Jose, California), and still performs regularly.Since the late 90s he played with a group Odam `Altamont Boys`. In May 2007, he performed at the festival `David Bowie High-Line festival` at the invitation of Bowie. According to Rob Weiner, Odam never returned with concerts in his native Lubbock

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