Lee Lucas Genry

Picture of Lee Lucas Genry

Date of Birth: 08/16/1936

Age: 80

Place of birth: Blacksburg

Citizenship: United States


Henry Lee Lucas - outstanding in many ways, a killer. He is one of the few who did not act alone, it is considered, if not record, one of the leaders on the number of committed crimes, he committed several murders for hire, that too is rare among serial killers. We can not say with certainty that it is the worst killer of the twentieth century, but many researchers believe so.

Henry Lee Lucas was born on August 16, 1936 in the town of Blacksburg, Virginia.

Since childhood Lukas apparent anomaly - long toes. This anomaly characterizes individuals with genetic defects and sometimes common in serial killers.

The family was very unfavorable, his mother constantly beat Lukas father, who lost both legs as a result of a railway accident. It is easy to guess that the object of abuse by the mother and the young Henry spoke. Child starved, beaten with sticks, and beat his head against the wall, forced to watch as his mother, periodically working part time prostitute, serving clients. Mother dressed in women`s clothes, Henry and mocked miserably preteen.

Beliefs mother philosophical position Lukas (if you can call the views of half-crazy mother) precludes attachment elements. Once, noticing that the child is attached to a small mule, she shot the animal in the eyes of a child.

Father Lukas was an inveterate alcoholic, taught his son to alcohol at the age of ten. Despite his seemingly unpleasant description, Lukas father was the only person who treated the child gently and lovingly.

1950. Having seen his wife engaged in prostitution, Lukas father in a drunken state out of the hut and fell asleep in the snow. This night was the cause of pneumonia, and soon died.

After the death of his father, his mother Lukas he focused his aggression on his son. Once she hit him on the head with a log, and the child three days lain unconscious. Boyfriend mother took him to the hospital where he was diagnosed - a serious brain injury in controlling emotions.

A year later, half-brother Henry Lukas accidentally poked in the eye with a knife. The boy almost blind in one eye. Total blindness in that eye came when the teacher Henry struck the boy in the face. The child began to wear the glass prosthesis.

As a child, Lucas killed and tortured small animals. In addition, since childhood he manifested elements of bestiality. Numerous experiments with animals it diversifies the commission of a large number of thefts that will, according to him, get a profession and hated to leave the house. In addition to these deviations it is known that a child Lucas was prone to arson, which is one of the attributes of a serial killer.

1951. Lucas commits the first murder of a man. The victim is a young girl.

1951. Lukas arrested for breaking and entering into private ownership. He was sent to the colony for minors. In the same year he begins to use drugs.

1953. A year after his release from prison - re-arrest for attempted robbery with burglary. Sentence - 4 years in prison. In the same year Lucas killed an old whore, Lucas reminded his mother. A woman was killed by a blow on the head with a hammer, and then crushed van.

1956. Lucas runs out of prison. A series of car hijackings. In the same year another arrest and referral to a federal prison in Ohio.

1959. Freed, Lucas settles in Michigan, where cohabiting with her sister. In the same year he comes to Michigan to visit the mother of Lukas. Another quarrel with the mother fills up the cup Lukas. In the heat of passion, he deals a mortal wound with a knife. Leaving the woman to die alone, Lucas goes on to explore the city. Mother dies in the hospital. Henry was sentenced to 40 years in prison for second-degree murder. A year later he was transferred to Ayonin, a psychiatric hospital. Diagnosis - psychopathy, sadism, sexual aberration, inferiority complex, schizophrenia.

1961. Lucas takes several suicide attempts. Once it pumped out, he decided to take the lives of as many people as possible. Returning from a psychiatric hospital back to prison, he is seeking permission to use prison archives. By studying criminal cases, Lucas delves into the intricacies of police work and hypothetically develops its own mode of action, eliminating errors, and forsook not the cops have the slightest chance.

1970. at Michigan State Board of release on parole releases Henry. Lucas against such a decision, it discredits, stating that, if released, he will again turn into a killer. But psychiatrists are adamant: "Healthy". In fact, with the help of Lukas forces thrown out of the prison. Released to freedom monster two hours later, killing a young girl.

Lucas meets Ottisa Tula, which has become a generator of perverted criminals projects. Formed trio Lucas, Ottis Toole`s niece Tula Frieda "Becky" Powell. Lucas to take care of the child as his own daughter, teaching the basics of parallel theft, robbery and murder. At the same time the diversity of life, exploring the customs of the cannibals Toole on accidentally fell to his book. Develop sustainable way to commit crimes, typical of the criminal trio: the victim is killed, raped beforehand, then there is postmortem sexual intercourse with the victim, after which the corpse is fresh and fried for lunch or dinner. The remains of the victims were buried far from the scene of the murder, which is also difficult to investigate. Criminals are very cautious: the choice falls on the victims only when the perpetrators are convinced that the victim moved to another state, and therefore, a time to look for it will not.

1970. Kill Streak.

1974. Lucas and Toole come employees in the community Satanist "Hand of Death." Their duty - to flood the district corpses to cause terror in the population. Fee - $ 10,000. The couple decided that if they were engaged in killing for the sake of entertainment, something for a living God ordered them to do it. A certain Don Meterik became their kuratorm. Meterik Lucas said: "From now on you will do everything you ordered, without question. You will be informed, who must be destroyed and you will obey. If you do this, we assume that you own. " The murdered victims were part of the community of black masses, during which the corpses humiliated. Later the bodies were eaten sect members. Note that the traces of the cult later was not found.

12.1981 Becky was sent to the children`s colony in Florida.

01.1982, the Lucas and Toole helped Becky escape from prison. Lucas and twelve Becky become lovers. Lukas For there is nothing supernatural, it should be noted that since childhood, he was characterized by hypersexuality, and the need for sexual relations he had a very aggravated. However, oddly enough, the initiator of such a link was not Lucas, and the girl herself. Pretty creation slighted seriynika, accusing him of homosexuality, as long as Lucas did not give up his "fatherly" relationship to the child.

03.1982, the Acquainted with Ruben Moore - preacher of the sect "House of Prayer" - a couple settles into a colony of the Protestant sects.

1983. Becky convinces Lukas to take her to the colony, where she could serve his sentence Istan decent man. After much debate Lucas agrees, and the couple left the sect. Not reaching the target during the next conflict, Lucas kills a child with a knife in the heart. After removing the ring from his finger, he divides the body into pieces and buried in the ground. After these events, Lucas at the grave of a victim is filled with remorse. Probably, this event included a "program of a serial killer," ie. A. From this point Lucas did not take measures to conceal the traces of the crime. Lucas returns to the "house of prayer."

09.1982, the next victim is an elderly woman, Kate Rich, a good friend of Lukas. Take her home, he company brings her to a secluded place, and in a fit of sudden anger causes numerous blows with a knife. After killing, he cuts between her breasts inverted cross victim and becomes a posthumous sexual relationship with the victim. After that, put the body in a drain pipe.

13/06/1983 Lucas was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the murder of Kate Rich.

Psychiatric examination revealed a bunch of diseases and deviations to the existing list. Hidden epilepsy, hypergraphs, pyromania. Significant brain intoxication (Lucas smoked five packs of cigarettes a day), heavy on the violation of the psyche.

07.1983 Mr. Lucas recognized in numerous murders. However, he is playing for time, talking about the next victim once in five or six days.

Hundreds of corpses have been found for 500 miles. Lucas could not remember all the details of the murders. Try to remember the details of the last hundred of his talks. What is said, what did you think was going on around - you can not. Lucas, too, could not. However, small insignificant details, past by the media and friends of Henry allow certificates attributed to his account from 47 to 89 kills with a very high degree of probability. However, the court needed evidence of iron, so Lucas was convicted of 11 murders, which have been proven.

1983. Lucas takes off at top of glory. About it tells all of America and Europe, he devote transmission and shows him praying his fans. Soon from tsiroz liver dies Toole.

In 1998, Lucas was sentenced to death in Texas, but George W. Bush, who was then governor of the state, has canceled his execution, as it was not presented enough evidence to prove that Lucas really made one of his kills Texas.

06.1999 was issued a final verdict - life imprisonment. Soon prestunnik was beaten to death by fellow inmates.