Lazarus And John Baptista Colloredo

Picture of Lazarus And John Baptista Colloredo

Age: 50

Place of birth: Genova

Citizenship: Italy

One of the first successful Siamese

This famous freaks lived in the XVII century. Colloredo Brothers became one of the earliest examples described Siamese twins, who lived 150 years before the well-known pair of Chang and Eng. Colloredo Gemini born in Genoa in 1617. John was not so much a man as underdeveloped appendage. He grew up in the chest and head down the face of the elder brother. His eyes were closed and his mouth - always open. It was believed that he could speak. Nevertheless, he was able to impressively sigh, cough, stir and eat. Most likely the brothers had a different digestive system. Lazarus loved it, constantly wiping saliva. He himself was very mobile, touring throughout Europe. Brothers Colloredo had success everywhere, even took their monarchs. At fairs freak have noticed the court of Louis XIV, who invited the twins to Paris and made one of the Musketeers. It is said that Colloredo frighten enemies, only flinging his cloak. Surprisingly, John was even able to save the life of his brother. One day Lazarus killed the man teased him. But the court decided that he could not execute a brother, as this would entail the death of another innocent. Brothers lived about 50 years, while Lazarus was even able to get married and have children.