Layla Benton

Picture of Layla Benton

Age: 16

Citizenship: United Kingdom

How dangerous black widow bite False?

Layla Benton was in the bathroom at home, when she felt something bite her in the knee. The girl screamed, but the danger has not yet been realized. Anxiety came later, when Laila mother complained that her knee does not pass all the swells, and that`s when they found a spider in the wound sting.

The girl was immediately taken to the hospital, and later it turned out that she had blood poisoning began.

Thus, the 14-year-old school girl was the victim of one of the most dangerous spiders found in the UK - A false black widow.

In addition to the scar on his knee, Laila got the bite skin infection, spent a week in the hospital and three weeks at home, and later she needed advice at the Hospital of Tropical Diseases in Central London.

Laila`s mother, 42-year-old Wendy (Wendy), says that in a few hours after the bite, they realized that it was not a harmless insect - all continued to swell knee daughter.

Laila`s sister found a spider in the bath room, and when they went to the hospital, we decided just in case, take it with you. However, the hospital staff did not take the spider fear and Wendy seriously - explained to her that this `pauchok` harmless and is well known in Britain. But in fact it was all wrong.

Laila condition worsened, and only when the girl began blood poisoning, doctors worried. Then the doctors contacted the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in London and began to act on their instructions. Later, the hospital management said in his defense, that such a situation - a spider bite - are in these places is very rare.

And Laila, meanwhile, has gone through the shock course of antibiotics, and it has become kind of knee more than depressing. Huge wet swollen wound looked awful. Even now, when the bite has been more than nine months, at the foot of Laila was still clearly visible scar.

A false black widow - one of the 12 most dangerous spiders seen in the UK, however, the cases of attacks on people are becoming more frequent. For example, recently one of the schools in Gloucestershire (Gloucestershire) was forced to close for the disinfestation of the threat of spiders. In general, despite the fact that the bite of this spider is, in fact, it is not fatal, it is unpleasant side effects - infection of the wound, fever, general poor health and allergic reactions.

So, we can say that Layla Benton lucky - her mother was able to quickly realize the danger in time and bring the daughter to the hospital. We can only hope that the British doctors will soon be more attentive to any kind of bite patients, because in recent years in the UK, the cases of attack spiders.