Lawrence Bittaker

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Date of Birth: 09/27/1940

Age: 76

Citizenship: United States


After the birth of Sigmund Lawrence Bitteykera brought adoptive parents. His adoptive father, George Bitteyker (George Bittaker) worked at the aircraft plants, which is why the family often had to relocate. At first they moved from Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania) Florida (Florida), then in Ohio (Ohio) and settled in California.

Being smart pupil with stunning IQ IQ = 138, Bitteyker flew out of school in 1957, after several run-ins with the police and the authorities. Soon after, he stole a car to escape from the accident scene and avoid arrest. Yet Bitteyker appeared at the California institution of Youth (California Youth Authority), before he was 19 years old.

The FBI arrested Bitteykera in Louisiana (Louisiana) a few days after his release from an institution for young offenders for violating the law on interstate theft of motor vehicles. Convicted in August 1959, Lawrence was sentenced to 18 months in federal reformatory Oklahoma (Oklahoma federal reformatory). His inappropriate behavior soon contributed to his transfer to the Medical Center of Missouri (a Missouri medical center). He was released after six months.

In December 1960, he was arrested in Los Angeles (Los Angeles), and in May 1961 were sentenced to 1-15 years in prison. Psychiatric examination identified Bitteykera paranoid and psychotic borderline type with minimum supervision own motives. Despite these findings, Bitteyker was released in 1963.

Two months after the parole he had violated the prescribed regime and suspected of robbery. In October 1964 happen again - and again Lawrence landed in jail. In prison, he underwent a psychiatric examination again, which is not denied his psychotic nature.

In July 1967, he was arrested and convicted of theft. He was sentenced to five years in prison, but in April 1970 he was released. In March 1971, he was accused of burglary - and sentenced to terms ranging from six months to 15 years, in October of the same year. He served three years.

After Bitteyker beat supermarket employee, he was arrested again. The culprit stuffed his pants steaks and tried to escape when the officer followed the street behind him. Seriously injured people survived, and Bitteyker was found guilty of attempted murder. He met with Roy Norris, serving time in the California men`s prison in San Luis Obispo (California Men`s Colony, San Luis Obispo).

In 1976, Lawrence took a job manager in Theatre Holiday (Holiday Theater) in the San Fernando Valley (San Fernando Valley). Then a third psychiatric examination revealed it classic sociopath and another psychiatrist called Bitteykerarafinirovannym psychopath. Despite all the warnings psychiatrists Bitteyker in November 1978, freely walked around the streets and decided to move to Los Angeles.

Bitteyker and Norris together hatched a plan to rape and murder of local girls. Bitteyker bought a GMC cargo van 1977 issue that killer nicknamed `Maquis. From February to June 1979 they realized their monstrous plan in practice. Accomplices drove on the highway along the Pacific coast, the brakes on the beaches, got acquainted with the girls and took their photographs. When the criminal pair was arrested, police found about 500 photographs among the things Bitteykera.

In their assurance, their first victim was 16-year-old Cindy Schaeffer (Cindy Schaeffer). June 24, 1979 the second they saw her far away from Redondo Beach (Redondo Beach), and Norris force shoved her into the van. It is close up rock her masking tape and tied his feet and hands. Bitteyker was sitting behind the wheel and moved farther and farther away from the chain vdolshirotnoy San Gabriel Mountains (San Gabriel Mountains). They both raped the girl, and then Bitteyker straightened iron hangers for coats and wrapped them around his neck Schaeffer. He tightened the cord around her neck with the help of pliers until it strangled the girl. They wrapped the body in a Schaeffer shower curtain and dumped in a nearby ravine.

July 8 Lawrence picked up the voice on the road 18-year-old Andreu Hall (Andrea Hall). When she went to the back of the van, to drink from the cooler, it jumped to hide Roy, who tied her up and close up the mouth. They raped her several times, pulled out of the van, and then Norris went for a beer. When he returned, the girl was gone - accomplice dumped her body off a cliff.

15-year-old Jackie Gilliam (Jackie Gilliam) and 13-year-old Leah Lamp (Leah Lamp) killer picked up at a bus stop on 3 September. Girls panicked when Bitteyker parked near a suburban tennis court. When the Lamp went to the back door, Norris hit her on the head with a bat. Captive began to fight back, but the men were stronger. Two days criminals raped and tortured the victims, this time even making an audio recording of his atrocities. In the end, Bitteyker pierced pestle ice pick Gilliam both ears, but she was tenacious. Then rapists began to choke her in turn until she gave up the ghost. Bitteyker choked Lamp and Norris sledgehammer hit her head seven times. They dropped the body off a cliff, and leaving the pistil head Gilliam.

All in all the murderers of five victims. When they appeared before the court, Bitteyker was convicted of rape, torture, kidnapping and murder -, and 17 February 1981, sentenced to death. As of 2008, the second, he was still awaiting execution. Norris also awaited the death penalty, but in exchange for testimony against Bitteykera this penalty was changed to life imprisonment.

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