Laurence Naismith

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Date of Birth: 12/14/1908

Age: 83

Place of birth: Thames Ditton, Surrey

Citizenship: Australia


Author: Alexei Bulatov

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Laurence Naismith was born on th December 14, 1908 the first in Thames Ditton, Surrey, England (Thames Ditton, Surrey, England).

He took part in the shooting of films such as fiction thriller `Diamonds navsegda` (` Diamonds Are Forever`) 1971 and the drama `Richard III` (` Richard III`) 1955 th. Also, he was invited to play in fantasy `Jason and argonavty` (` Jason and the Argonauts`) 1963, the military drama `` Sink Bismark` ( `Sink the Bismarck!`) 1960, and the drama Eskvita Anthony (Anthony Asquith) ` Carrington V.TS.` ( `Carrington VC`) of 1954. The historical drama by Roy Ward Baker (Roy Ward Baker) `` Death Titanika` ( `A Night to Remember`) of 1958 Naismith played the role of Captain Edward John Smith (Edward John Smith).

Among other things, Lawrence announced himself on Broadway - in the musical `Here`s Love` in 1963, and also played the role of Merlin (Merlin), do not mean singing in the film version of the musical` Kamelot` ( `Camelot`) in 1967- m. It can be found in litsesudi Fulton (Fulton) in the television series `Detectives Amateur Extra klassa` (` The Persuaders! `) 1971 Tony Curtis (Tony Curtis) and Roger Moore (Roger Moore).

Naismith played the mysterious Mr. Blandin in the children`s film about ghosts` Amazing Mr. Blanden` ( `The Amazing Mr Blunden`) 1972 with Lynne Frederick (Lynne Frederick). Two years later he portrayed Austrian Empire Emperor Franz Joseph in the TV drama `Fall of Eagles`. Lawrence also played the Prince of Verona TV version of Shakespeare`s tragedy Romeo and Dzhuletta` `(` Romeo & Juliet`)-th 1978.

Outside of the acting profession Naismith was the owner of a pub in `Rowbarge` Vulhemptone, Berkshire (Woolhampton, Berkshire), and an enthusiastic fan of cricket. He married Vera Bocca (Vera Bocca) chord, County Durham (Horden, County Durham). The couple had one son.

Laurence Naismith died on June 5, 1992, in Southport, Queensland, Australia (Southport, Queensland, Australia).

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