Larisa Savankova

Picture of Larisa Savankova

Age: 50

Birthplace: Penza

Citizenship: Estonia

If there is a tight, go to the wipers!

Author: Anastasia Egorova

Website: Celebrities

The channel "Russia" continues showing the series "The word of the woman," in which the main role played by Valentina Kalashnikova Larisa SAVANKOVA. Before you get into the project, the actress has worked in the Italian model in Finland and Estonia acted in movies, and in St. Petersburg took part in the entreprise. On whether this woman be easy, Larissa told our correspondent.

Larissa, in the series "The word woman" in front of your heroine faces a difficult task - to raise the company. According to statistics, it is women who are the best managers. Ever you are going to do business?

- I think if I suddenly ceased to be in demand as an actress, she went to get a new profession, despite his age (in August, the actress will celebrate its 45th anniversary -. AE). I would be interested to do interior design, landscape design, fashion, cooking. I can say: even if I had to work a janitor, my street would be the cleanest!

Women are considered to be better drivers than men. Machine drive?

- There are two categories of female drivers. First - attentive, discreet and responsive. And the second - "Oh, my God!". Sometimes lacking words, when you meet a woman clutching the steering wheel, not seeing, and did not hear anything. I always try to drive carefully, follow the rules and never climb in traffic disassembly. And in any case I do not sit behind the wheel, even after a drop of alcohol. One got in an accident at a speed of 20 km / h, leaving the parking lot. Just before that, I had an unpleasant conversation with one person, and I was a little crazy. That inadvertently drove into another car. Fortunately, she suffered only the rear bumper.

French writer Simone de Beauvoir once said: "Woman is not born, it becomes." When he felt like a real woman?

- When men began to pay attention to me. It began after the ninth grade. Then I went on vacation with my parents to rest in Lithuania - Trakai and was suddenly surprised to notice that men stare at me. It was very nice! And before I considered myself terribly ugly and was friends with the boys just jumping with them in garages and playing "war games."

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They say that women do not like each other, and the reason for this dislike - man. I have someone to share a loved one?

- I believe in female friendship! And if I had to share with someone a loved one, the fight, I would not. But not because I consider myself spineless. Just I think that a man should fight for a woman, and not vice versa.

It is widely believed that a woman "always have nothing to wear." You have a large walk-in closet?

- So they say about the real ladies that have gorgeous clothes. They have nothing to wear, because you always want to look your best and constantly be new to his beloved, and for myself. I rarely can buy a beautiful thing, without thinking how and what to wear me. I should be all set: bag, accessories, shoes. Favorite things I have a lot, and it`s not always regard wardrobe.

For example, there are donated many years ago LAURA star, she did not fade, and besides, there is always living space, if that ...

According to surveys, 24 percent of women want to become men. If you are asked to play a male role on stage or in a film, which type you would like to implement?

- Men`s role is not offered, but if that happens, it would be interesting. And in my life I had to "include" a man. 11 years ago, when I was divorced, and became a mother, and father-in-one, raising a daughter Olga. So now I just want to be a woman!

By the way, there is a perception that the single mother is often faced with a difficult choice: on the one hand, I want personal happiness, on the other - suitable for the child`s father. What is more important to you?

- Firstly, I`m not a single mother. I, like Valentine, my character on the show "Word of a woman", brought up the child in the family, and ten years. It is unfortunate that the family did not survive the test of time. In addition, as a mother can be lonely if there is a child? So, we have two! I regret that I have a child, because children - this is happiness! And I`m not looking for no husband, no child - father. Despite the fact that the pope Oli does not live with us, he speaks to her. And I have with him is quite normal relations.


* Larissa SAVANKOVA was born in 1965 in Penza.

* In 1987, she graduated from Voronezh State Institute of Arts.

* She has taught at the ballet school "Fouette" (Tallinn) and Estonian school mannequins "Paula".

* Starred in films and serials: "Well, you`re a witch," "Russian friend", "George", "Kelco sniffer", "Estonians and Russian."